Friday, February 23, 2018

Pakistan Needs to Get Rid of Traitors Before it's Too Late

A few days or months from now, I'm positive that these military people will be searching homes in search for "traitors" and will mark everyone who supports Nawaz Sharif as a traitor. They will arrest them and throw them in the dungeons, torture them and perhaps even use them as a witnesses against their disliked people in the courts.

This is absolutely pathetic that people like Dr. Asim (who belongs to PPP) and Sharjeel Memon (who again belongs to PPP) had faced "rangers" brutality but still PPP is telling PMLN to avoid confrontation and stay humble and accept the "absolutely disgusting" decisions of the court.

These PPP assholes keep reciting the names of bhutto but have total disregard for the actual bhutto who was hanged to death by these courts and everyoen knows that those cases were fake.

Supreme court of Pakistan has clearly sold itself to the devil and now they have become the pharaohs of the age, but may be it's the military who is pressurizing the courts to make the decisions of their liking I don't know, but at the moment it's the court which is the worst institution. Taking suo motos and probing it's nose in everything. And if someone says something against it, if he/she belongs to PTI then it's OK, but if he/she belongs to PMLN then supreme court would send them notices and charge them even if they apologize.

They call people money launderers and they send notices for taking decisions which somehow were not that productive, but who will send a notice to supreme court that almost killed the farmers of southern punjab and their "stay order" cost about 45 billion ruppees to the country? who will send a notice to those judges because of whose "stay orders" the Orange line project was in jeopardy and in that time people lost their businesses.

I know of an old man who was running a garments shop, a few days ago I went there, he was now selling dresses on the footpath!

Pakistan doesn't need foreign, american or indian conspirators when such a supreme court and PTI people are already here in Pakistan.

This current situation reminds me of Agartala Conspiracy Case which ultimately lead to breaking Pakistan into pieces. I wont be surprised if current situation breaks Pakistan further into pieces. No matter how much they would call nawaz sharif a traitor, the reality would still be their, neither Mujeeb-ur-Rahman nor Nawaz Sharif is a traitor. The traitors are those conspirators who hide behind the cloak of judiciary and the army.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Doctor Deaths

Today I heard in Faisalabad and Lahore (Pakistan), about 4 people died because "young" doctors were on strike (

The government is trying hard to control the situation but the doctors are turning bitter for no apparent reason. May be it's because some doctors are in jail for something or they are demanding their salaries or whatever. But the thing is, no matter what the reason may be, doctors should not collectively be allowed to deny attention to a patient no matter what the situation.

The doctors of the above cities and anyone who follows them have proved themselves to be doctor deaths. And I think it's absolute justice if their licences for practice and their degrees are cancelled. Such people who do not value life should atleast not be allowed to practice medicine.

Being a doctor is a very sacred job, And the first priority of a doctor is to save a life. Not salary!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fixed my Laptop

Watching person of interest from start after a long time.

Heard yesterday that about 11 children died in an accident which is a very sad news. Though they blame train driver etc. But we all know how irrational these rickshaw drivers can be. The traffic as a whole is absolutely horrible. Irresponsible drivers everywhere.

Today I tried to fix my laptop screen. It flickers a lot. Making the laptop almost unusable. So I opened it up, all the screws. But the lid wont come out so I used a knife to gently separate the lid and it worked.

So it came out that the problem is in the wires. They're quite messed up, they were apparently short circuited by dust etc. I removed it and it's quite better now. But not completely fixed. I think the wires are damaged in the screen area too which I didn't bother opening. Also I didn't anticipate it in the first place.

Friday, June 17, 2016

It's Friday, and Muslims are fasting because it's 12th of Ramazan-ul-Mubarak. And here in Lahore there's no electricity. It's 1:10 pm and juma prayers start at about 1:30 and there's no electricity for many hours now.

Friday, June 3, 2016

BIke for Me!

Once I was asked to buy this bike for myself, but I think they way I think the price of this thing would come up, I'm better-off with a car!

But anyway, shall see...:P

Friday, May 6, 2016

Lost my Job

A few months ago, I started working in geekstech, it's near Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Today they fired me, insulted me that I'm inefficient and took my usb's that contained my private data for which I didn't have a backup and formatted it. I will not forget that and I will not forgive that InshaALLAH

Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Scam/Hoax of Lowering Fuel Prices in Pakistan

Since a lot of days this had been happening to me. I observed that my bike is consuming too much fuel.

Two days ago, I filled it with Rs. 100 of Petrol and travelled about 20 kms max. The bike should go about 80 kilometers with that much petrol. And yesterday while I was going to market, it stopped in the middle. The tank was empty again.

I was blaming the heat that might have evaporated the fuel somehow, or the overflow or the bike's faulty engine. But may be it's all of them or may be it's none of them.

Today I went to a nearest filling station and told the person there to fill it up with Rs. 200 of petrol (so that it doesn't stop in the middle again) and then to make sure that I have some petrol reserved I took two bottles of 1.5L each to take some of the fuel out.

Petrol is Rs. 65 per litre so Rs. 200 should get me about 3.1 litres.

While draining petrol out I decided to drain the whole of it and see how much I really got.

A few things should be kept in mind. After filling up, I drove straight back home. And the filling station is almost exactly at 1 kilometer distance from my home. So the bike should consume about 10 to 20 milli-liters?

So I drained the whole tank dry and filled the bottles with it. And this is what I got

This is almost exactly 2 liters, 1 liters less and that makes it 100 per liter approximately.

This answered most of my question, that why my bike gets empty so soon. But I think that filling station is not alone in this crime. They are backed by the government or atleast the police that has ordered them not to sell petrol in bottles, just to make sure that no-one can question the amount of fuel they get for the money they pay.

So any ideas where can I get justice from?

Note: So today I went to a filling station and he gave as much petrol as I paid for. So I was very happy to realize that the government is not behind this corruption. But clearly filling stations are using the restriction of not filling in bottles to their advantage. So government should take notice because it is in best interest of both the government and the people.
(update on May 9, 2016)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Customs Department's Stance Against Ayyan Ali

Some time ago, Ayyan Ali had been accused for money laundering, then she had to go to jail (though she was not proved in the court yet to be a money launderer), after about 1 and a half year of jail-time, she was declared innocent by the court. But still customs people are appealing against Ayyan.

I'm not remotely a fan of Ayyan Ali but this is pathetic. This just proves how pathetic our justice system is.

The court declared her to be innocent but customs people are not willing to digest that. On the contrary ayyan ali still can't enjoy the benefits of a free person. She still can't travel abroad.

The moral of this whole ayyan story is:
1. Don't get caught, even if you're innocent, customs and police and FBR and FIA and bla bla bla can always prove you guilty and treat you as such no matter what the court says. No one listens to Pakistani courts.
2. Pakistan's police and customs has proved itself to be the worst and dirtiest of it's kind. If you're caught they will treat you as guilty. When a rich person like Ayyan can't get her freedom then If you can't pay for court you have no future.
3. Pakistan is not an Islamic state, not anymore. If it were really an Islamic state then not only Ayyan would have been free by now but also those who locked her up in jail for 1 and a half year without any charges would have been behind bars.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pardon Me

The last time I posted, I was so, so, frustrated. I had no money and I had to buy milk for my children and I had no idea where that money would come from. So I was so angry and frustrated and perhaps cursing everything that came in the way...

Things are getting better now, AlhamduLILLAH

But anyway, blogging everything that came in my mind wasn't a good experience. I think I should give everything a second thought....