Friday, July 1, 2011

The Argue Blogs

Two blogs Chasing Aalia and Chasing Jannah are having arguments...

Some Unusual Traffic to My Website

yesternight I saw some unusual traffic to my website Don't know the origin. But mostly it was useless in the matter that it didn't make me any money. I have re-enabled google's ads but the results are not satisfactory.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why Girls Like Enrique Iglesias So Much?

My sisters are listening to and singing Enrique's "I'll take back my love" or something. I had a friend, Sid I used to call her, she also liked Enrique's music so much. I don't know why girls like Enrique's music so much. Do you have an answer to this? let me know!

The Web is Written in Ink

I like this quote, I took it from 'The social network' the movie. And it was said by Erical Albright. And it's sort of true. The web is written in ink. whatever we write remains there. So, we should think before we say something.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tonight is Shab-e-Mairaj

It's 27th of Rajab starting tonight. Don't know how to celebrate. But as 5 prayers were gifted this night to the Muslims that is a savior for Muslims from Hell, I think a better way is to offer nawafils this night. You can celebrate the way you like, cook some sweet or lighting candles (please don't use candles or extra lighting if your country has energy issues, don't waste energy). Offering prayers and Tasbeeh is a good way. Good for all!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Umm Omar

She was a regular reader and I was of hers blog. But then she locked her blog up and I can't visit her blog bow. She must have forgotten me...

Her blog is at

How to Dine (Have Dinner)

Step 1. Set a time for meal (ask your wife to make it ready at 1 or 2 pm in the afternoon and 9 pm in the evening.

Step 2. Follow your own rules and you should be on the table exactly on or before the specified time. Don't say any harsh words to your wife and wait for the lunch to come. Ask your children to come to the dining table.

Step 3. Water should be brought first. The one responsible should bring the water soon after your arrival at the table (not before).

Step 4. Solid foods should come now and enjoy your dinner ( but for no more than half an hour )

Step 5. The remaining edibles should now be collected and preserved.

Step 6. The containers should be taken to their respective places for washing etc.

Step 7. Now you're ready for other works. You can leave the table now. Thank God you had a wonderful meal. :)

Rule of The House

Our home that is.

You can sit in the A.C. room do productive things, study, read books, sew clothes etc. as long as the room is not under cleaning-up. But if you want to watch a drama on TV, you have to sit in the launge where there is no A.C.


Bottle of Pepsi

That just gushed out half of it's contents on my dress and the bed I was sitting on. It was quite agressive at that moment. I think it mind what daddy said about it. That it doesn't have gas... Well it proved to be otherwise :) I like that particular bottle and I'm happy that I drank those gallant contents of that gallant bottle of cold-drink, more than others! :)

Monday, June 27, 2011 is Not Paying Me Now which is using a huge number of resources has stopped paying any sensible amoount in the recent days. Most probably the reason behind it is the shutdown of google blogsearch service. Now we have to enter keywords in blogsearch to get to the blog. Which most people don't bother to.

No Money To Transfer My Stuff From the Old House

Well that's discouraging. But true... Any ways, I hope I shall get some in the next month to pay my transport, till then I have to and can only request the house owner to give me some time.