Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Added some new videos to my favourite videos list. I kind of love them. If you don't know arabic or urdu you may not understand but I hope you'd enjoy.


Umm Omar said...

I was just going through some of your older posts here and I read the "titleless" post. SoubhanAllah. Your wife sounds like a very compassionate person. May Allah protect all of our families from these acts.

Also, my husband used to say a duaa with my daughter when it would rain. I don't remember how it went, maybe you know it already? I can ask him if not.

Aurangzeb said...

Umm Omar! Thanks a lot for your comment! :) Yup! She is wise and compassionate AlhamduLILLAH!
I read the dua somewhere but I don't remember it. It'd be great if you post it in your blog. :)

Aurangzeb said...

(for you dua)