Friday, May 22, 2009

This is a bit of a hot day and my fish have lost their table. Now their container resides on the floor sadly. I saw my water filter's foam fallen on the water table and the fish were struggling not to get caught in the filter's fan. Well AlhamduLILLAH they are all fine. On the other hand I have done a very bad job.

My wife is watching TV, don't know what is she watching but I hate dramas and she seem to like it. Ah yes.. she is watching a cooking program. Learning to bake doughnuts (donuts).

I went to Readings today. It's a nice book shop with a coffee shop attached. We, me and my wife, stayed there for about an hour or two and then I left her to her friend's, the same best friend of hers who makes her very ambitious about going to her mother's. Luckily Gujranwala (her mother's home) wasn't discussed today according to my information.

I found a new comment on The Trinity which used to be my last post and this was from SirAdib. He is MashaALLAH good at quoting ayahs from The Qur'an and feels it a great weapon in hand. This thinking is the one people spend their heart and soul to generate.

So, today I was thinking about a future blogpost to be on Kalima Tayyabah InshaALLAH. The basic pillar of Islam. A man (christian or jew or hindu or an atheist or a gay or a prostitute whatever that man may be), when say Kalima Tayyabah with his heart becomes a Muslim and all of his previous sins are made forgotten by ALLAH (Subhanahu'wa'Ta'Aala). I'm writing this here for my remembrance. ALLAH give me power and knowledge and help me to write it so that it helps my fellows and so that it be a little help from a little man of yours to you. A'meen!

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Umm Omar said...

Looking forward to that post on the kalima, insha'Allah.