Monday, May 11, 2009

The Trinity

I was reading a blog post on Asmi's Journal and I was inclined to write something about Trinity here.

They say that God was (na'uzu biLLAH) divided into three parts which they call as The Trinity and so they worship all the components (of their God). This definition of God contains a few pieces of information.

1. God is divisible.
2. There are three Gods.
3. It also says that there are currently three gods but there can be more.

Let's discuss the first point.

1. God is divisible
If something is divisible. It means we can measure it. (only measurable things can be divided)

So take this point into account we get

1. God is divisible
i. We can measure God (his powers, his size, etc. etc.)
2. There are 3 Gods
3. There can be more than 3 Gods

Now take into account the point number 1.i. and it tells you:
We can measure God (this means) God is limited.
So, let's add this to the list

1. God is divisible
i. We can measure God (his powers, his size, etc. etc.)
a. God is Limited. (Which is false as God is not limited)
2. There are 3 Gods created with the division of one.
3. There can be more than 3 Gods (if one can be divided into three then three can obviously be further divided)

Now let's see what we get from these logical arguments:

We know that God is not limited. If God is limited and A set of integers is unlimited than I shall say that a set of integers is bigger than God (Na'uzubiLLAH) and being beaten by just integers is not the property of The Real God.

So, argument 1.i.a is false.

If God is not limited then this means we can not measure God. Which means:

argument 1.i We can measure God is wrong.

Now, If we can-not measure God, or If God can't be measured, this means he can't be divided either. So. Argument 1. God is Divisible is also wrong.

Now, if God is not divisible, This means that argument No. 2 and 3 are also wrong. So, this whole trinity thing is a fallacy.

Now what if someone say that a set of integers is also immeasurable (can't be measured) but it can be divided so how come I'm saying that only a measurable thing can be divided and not vice versa?

So, the answer is here. Take example of a set of integers. It looks like this:

..., -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ....

Let's say I separate a part of it from the whole. Say I separate 1 from the set, I get three sets.

Set 1
..., -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0

Set 2

Set 3
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ...

Now what do we get?

Set 1 has no start, but it has an end.
Set 2 has both a start and an end.
Set 3 has no end, but it definitely has a start.

But these three sets doesn't represent the properties of God. i.e.

Set 1 isn't God because it has an end. God is endless
Set 2 is limited, it has both a start and an end thus nowhere near God.
Set 3 is not God because it has a start. There is no start of God neither in power nor in existence.

So If someone say that these sets aren't god separately but they combine to make a God, then there is another flaw in his argument. Does he/she think that God is dependent (That god depends on his parts to combine to make a true existence)??? If yes, then he/she is not talking about God. Because dependence is not the property of God at all. We the creatures depend on God, God doesn't depend on anything. Would anyone like to depend on something or someone who is already dependent???

A sensible man/woman will refuse to depend on such a thing.

My Dear fellows. God is neither dependent, nor divisible. God is the most powerfull with endless and startless existence. He neither started to exist nor is there any end of his existence. Neither he was born nor he gave birth to anyone. ALLAH is free from such problems. Subhan-ALLAH!

I know that logic can not take you to the right path. It is only ALLAH who can take us to the right path, it is only ALLAH who can show us the difference between right and wrong. This post is just a struggle. It can be or cannot be helpful.

ALLAH keep you safe from all harms and make it a helpful struggle of mine. A'meen


Asmi's Journal said...

Masha Allah, great explanation once again! Salam :)

Aurangzeb said...

Wa'alaikum-uS-SALAM :)

Umm Omar said...

This was a very thoughtful post. I hope to do this more, insha'Allah; take a topic I'd like to think more about and explore it as you did here.

Aurangzeb said...


There is a group of Atheist who decline the presence/birth of Hazrat Issa (AS) altogether which is one of the fitna. The man who started it is Bertrand Russell (hope you know him he's very famous). I just told you this to give you a topic ;) said...

Ameen to the last statement there. An insightful post indeed. Most of it I do get so good job on that, mashaAllah.

Aurangzeb said...

JazakALLAH Sir Adib for your comment! :)