Friday, May 1, 2009

My Favourite Videos

Today, I don't know from where the idea came into my mind to attach some videos to my blog. I don't like the videos much but the content the verses of the songs or peoms matters the most. I love them since long... very long... since I was a kid. So, now, after a very long time have I been able to listen to them.

They (the poems) are of no use until one doesn't know it's meaning. So, as far as I know their meanings I have plan to InshaALLAH write them down here.

So, let's start from Peera ho Peera

Peera Ho Peera

Meray hath gari diyan thuthiyanMy hands are like bowls of coconut (I'm begging)
Mera Peer sacha tay mai jhuti aanMy Teacher is right and I am wrong
Shalan walay'a peera
Peera Ho PeeraTeacher! Oh Teacher!
Meri Dachi day gal wich talliyanMy ride has bells in it's neck
Wai mai Peer manawan challi aanI'm going to make my teacher happy
Shalan waleya peera
Peera Ho PeeraTeacher Oh Teacher
Meray hath katora ai mangan daI have a cup of beggars in my hands
Mera Peer wali aina rahwan daMy teacher know all these ways (meaning the ways to ALLAH from where my desires can be fulfilled)
Shalan walay'a Peera
Peera ho PeeraTeacher! Oh Teacher

You can download it's audio here

Now let's come to the second poem Bhagan waleyo

Bhagan Walay'o

Bhagan Walayo! Naam japoOh Gifted People! Recite the Name
Maula Naam Naam!The Name of your Lord (ALLAH)
Husn, Jawani, Duniya FaniBeauty, Youth, World are all Mortal
Shai her Aani jani rahay Maula Naam NaamEverything come and go but our Lord remains forever
Banda Makri, Tolay TakRiClever (dishonest) human, weighs balance
Hath wich lakRi chabdabites wood with his fingernails
Raway Maula Naam naamOur Lord remains forever
Loag byopari, pyar de vairiPeople are businessmen, enemies of Love
Ishq de ramz noo jaanan naDoesn't know the meaning of Love
Maula naam naamBut Our Lord! (But ALLAH knows)
Bhagan Walayo, Naam Japo, Maula Naam NaamOh Gifted People! Recite the name, The Name of (your) Lord

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