Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Don't Watch Muslim TV

I had been wasting my time for a while because my Internet wasn't working for about 7 days. I thought it'll never start running again and I thought I have to change my ISP, but now after seven days of waiting, it has started to work again.

I was expecting some comments on 'The Trinity' but found none. There is an ad bugging me. I have tried to turn it off and I hope it'll stop showing in a few moments.

So, now I'm sure about Muslim TV that it is not Islamic TV channel at all. This channel (Muslim TV) is a propaganda channel for Ahmaddiya followers who are declared as non-muslims by the whole Islamic world. So we should be careful not to watch that TV channel. I recommend Peace TV and I recommend to listen to only Mr. Zakir Naik who is a good debator and has good knowledge MashaALLAH. The rest of the people at Peace TV like Deedat and the one who hosts Sahih Islam/Tareeqa etc may be good but I don't recommend them.

It's been 1:56 am and now I think I should take some sleep.

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Asmi's Journal said...

Assalam Alaikom!

Oh no, not Ahmaddiyas again. I believe they're totally brainwashed from the Truth. I know some, actually.

I also have one of Dr. Zakir Naik's speeches on DVD. The one called, "Is Islam A Muslim Monopoly?" I still have to watch it though...>_> But he is a good debater Masha Allah.