Friday, April 24, 2009

Qadyani - The False Prophet/Imam

I had been watching T.V. a few years ago and searching for a T.V. Based on Islam. There I found religious (apparently Muslim) T.V. channel but to my horrible surprise, I saw in it the qadyanis preaching their religion. So, As it just came into my mind, I thought I should write something about that group also.

According to Qadyanis, they are "True Muslims" or at least Muslims, but please be advised, they are not muslims at all. Qadyani-ism was started from Pakistan and then it was supported by many countries especially USA and England etc. Quadyani was one of the most famous debators of his age. His articles were given most importance in the Muslim world especially Pakistan. But then things changed. At the first he claimed to be Issa (AS) or Jesus, According to him, he had the qualities what Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be upon him) informed us that Issa AS would have (He was wrong, he had none of the qualities let me leave it for the moment). He also said that he is a Nabi or Prophet of ALLAH. Later in his life, he also claimed himself to be Iman Mahdi. (This proves he was a liar because Issa AS and Imam Mahdi are two different people)

Qadyani's full name is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani. He was born (to my displeasure) in a mughal family. Anyone who attaches mirza to himself is either a Mughal by family or it means that he is a Qadyani follower (non-muslim)( So here's the thing, Neither every mirza is qadyani and nor every qadyani attach mirza with his name ). Qadyani refuse to call themselves as Qadyani, instead they insist on calling themselves ahmadi or ahmadiyya in western countries where they have all the protection but in places like Pakistan, they refuse to be ahmadi or qadyani at all they just say that they are muslims. They don't believe in Khatam-e-Nubuwat (The fact that Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be upon him) is the Last prophet of ALLAH) so they clearly refuses a very important Hadees and Ayah of The Qur'an thus they are non-muslims.

In Qur'an ALLAH says,
Mohammad (P.B.U.H) is not the father of any of your men but (he is) sent by ALLAH and the Seal of Prophets.

Rasool-uLLAH says (Peace be upon Him),
I'm the seal of Prophets, No Prophet after me.

If someone thinks that Seal doesn't mean the end or closure (which isn't true ofcourse: seal means the closure) then The Hadith clears the point when it says "No Prophet after me". Rasool-uLLAH didn't say no prophet will born after me, he simply said, "No prophet after me". It may seem to you that Issa (AS) or Jesus is also a prophet and he will come so how can this be true? But the fact is Mohammad (PBUH) clearly says, "no prophet after me" which means that Hazrat Issa AS is no longer a prophet. He will come, but as a follower of Mohammad (PBUH). It may sound very extreme to you, but this is what it means. Please consult some alim-e-deen if you're in doubt about this.

I read in Sahih-Bukhari some time ago (may be a few months or a year) that Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be upon him) said that there would come into existence a group of people in the East (In east comes Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, India etc) they will read Qur'an but it wont pass down their throats. They would be very good in talking, they would offer prayers, but they would be Jahannamis (people who go to hell). Sahabah (The companions) (RA) asked Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) what is their identity? Rusool-uLLAH said (Peace be upon him), 'they will shave their beards'. I suggest you to please read Sahih Bukhari and you'll find it, my translation isn't so good so please don't take it as final word.

I think, the qadyani group is the one Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H) was talking about. But I'm not sure because there are many groups who match the criteria, one other is the Parvezi group (they are followers of Ghulam Ahmad Pervez and are still not announced as non-muslims. Pervezis reject Hadith altogether Ghulam Ahmad Pervez also used to shave his beard).

The reason I'm writing this is to keep you informed that everyone who says he is a Muslim may not be a Muslim. Qadyanis are preaching their religion in many countries of the world and they say we are preaching Islam or "True Islam".

There is a great number of people who wants to convert to Islam and practice Islam, if they are approached by qadyanis before the Muslims do, qadyanis cunningly absorb them to their religion which isn't Islam and those poor people lose their tracks. This is awful but this is a fact. I beg you to beware of such people. They are a fitna. Save yourselves and the people around you from this fitna.

Qadyanis have been announced as Non-Muslims by the Pakistani Government since 1974. They are taken as a minority and are given the minority rights. But they still insist on being Muslims and to our surprise, they call themselves "True Muslims" and their religion as "True Islam".

Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani challenged a Pakistani Alim-e-Deen (Man of Letters) in such words, "if i (qadyani) am right, qadyani will see your (Alim-e-Deen's) dead body and If you (Alim-e-Deen) are right then you shall see my (qadyani's) dead body. That Alim-e-Deen died 40 years after Qadyani's death.

If Qadyani says that he is Imam Mahdi, then he shouldn't have died before the appearance fo Hazrat Issa (AS), but he was a liar and he is dead.

Rusool-uLLAH Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be upon Him)rightly said that before Dajjal many liar prophets and gods will born.

ALLAH save us from all these tests and show us and keep us on the right path. A'meen!


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