Sunday, August 27, 2017

Judiciary is Taking Pakistan to Disaster

RasooluLLAH (Peace and Blessings of ALLAH be Upon HIm) once informed us about the reason of destruction of a Nations. RasooluLLAH (PBUH) said,

O people, those who came before you were destroyed because if a person of high status committed theft among them, they would spare him, but if a person of lower status committed theft, they would apply the punishment upon him. By Allah, if Fatima the daughter of Muhammad were to steal, I would have cut off her hand.”

So far, the injustice in Pakistan used to be out of courts. For example, governments would do injustice with people, Police brutality and refusal towards the opressed people was very common.

People used to believe that if their cases would go in courts (somehow, which was always prevented by powerful people), they might get justice.

But now that expectation from courts is gone.

Now the general idea is, when a country's prime minister can't get justice, no-one can. The biasness of the courts is completely naked. When it comes to Imran Khan who is wanted in many cases but never bothers to visit the court, they send "last warnings" and they have been sending him "last warnings" since long.

But on the other hand, a person against whom nothing came out in the case, the court "forcefully" made him in-eligible on a completely different ground. Which is clearly a violation of Pakistan's constitution on the judiciary's part.

The prime minister was made in-eligible for prime-minister-ship on a proposition whose being a lie or truth is debatable. While there's no in-eligibility for a man (Imran Khan) whose character is questionable. Recently a National Assembly member accused him (imran khan) of harassment.

So this is a huge joke with the people of Pakistan that is taking place. And not only this, the judiciary has become a joke.

Recently lawyers went on strike against the Lahore high court. There had been clashes. So no matter what the media say or not say about the justice system (because they might get punished for disrespect - contempt of court), The people know that this is the end of justice in Pakistan.

To those who think I'm also disrespecting the court, let me ask you, by being authoriative instead of judgmental and being biassed, is not the judges disrespecting the court the justice and the constitution of Pakistan themselves?