Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fixed my Laptop

Watching person of interest from start after a long time.

Heard yesterday that about 11 children died in an accident which is a very sad news. Though they blame train driver etc. But we all know how irrational these rickshaw drivers can be. The traffic as a whole is absolutely horrible. Irresponsible drivers everywhere.

Today I tried to fix my laptop screen. It flickers a lot. Making the laptop almost unusable. So I opened it up, all the screws. But the lid wont come out so I used a knife to gently separate the lid and it worked.

So it came out that the problem is in the wires. They're quite messed up, they were apparently short circuited by dust etc. I removed it and it's quite better now. But not completely fixed. I think the wires are damaged in the screen area too which I didn't bother opening. Also I didn't anticipate it in the first place.

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