Friday, May 6, 2016

Lost my Job

A few months ago, I started working in geekstech, it's near Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Today they fired me, insulted me that I'm inefficient and took my usb's that contained my private data for which I didn't have a backup and formatted it. I will not forget that and I will not forgive that InshaALLAH

Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Scam/Hoax of Lowering Fuel Prices in Pakistan

Since a lot of days this had been happening to me. I observed that my bike is consuming too much fuel.

Two days ago, I filled it with Rs. 100 of Petrol and travelled about 20 kms max. The bike should go about 80 kilometers with that much petrol. And yesterday while I was going to market, it stopped in the middle. The tank was empty again.

I was blaming the heat that might have evaporated the fuel somehow, or the overflow or the bike's faulty engine. But may be it's all of them or may be it's none of them.

Today I went to a nearest filling station and told the person there to fill it up with Rs. 200 of petrol (so that it doesn't stop in the middle again) and then to make sure that I have some petrol reserved I took two bottles of 1.5L each to take some of the fuel out.

Petrol is Rs. 65 per litre so Rs. 200 should get me about 3.1 litres.

While draining petrol out I decided to drain the whole of it and see how much I really got.

A few things should be kept in mind. After filling up, I drove straight back home. And the filling station is almost exactly at 1 kilometer distance from my home. So the bike should consume about 10 to 20 milli-liters?

So I drained the whole tank dry and filled the bottles with it. And this is what I got

This is almost exactly 2 liters, 1 liters less and that makes it 100 per liter approximately.

This answered most of my question, that why my bike gets empty so soon. But I think that filling station is not alone in this crime. They are backed by the government or atleast the police that has ordered them not to sell petrol in bottles, just to make sure that no-one can question the amount of fuel they get for the money they pay.

So any ideas where can I get justice from?

Note: So today I went to a filling station and he gave as much petrol as I paid for. So I was very happy to realize that the government is not behind this corruption. But clearly filling stations are using the restriction of not filling in bottles to their advantage. So government should take notice because it is in best interest of both the government and the people.
(update on May 9, 2016)