Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Customs Department's Stance Against Ayyan Ali

Some time ago, Ayyan Ali had been accused for money laundering, then she had to go to jail (though she was not proved in the court yet to be a money launderer), after about 1 and a half year of jail-time, she was declared innocent by the court. But still customs people are appealing against Ayyan.

I'm not remotely a fan of Ayyan Ali but this is pathetic. This just proves how pathetic our justice system is.

The court declared her to be innocent but customs people are not willing to digest that. On the contrary ayyan ali still can't enjoy the benefits of a free person. She still can't travel abroad.

The moral of this whole ayyan story is:
1. Don't get caught, even if you're innocent, customs and police and FBR and FIA and bla bla bla can always prove you guilty and treat you as such no matter what the court says. No one listens to Pakistani courts.
2. Pakistan's police and customs has proved itself to be the worst and dirtiest of it's kind. If you're caught they will treat you as guilty. When a rich person like Ayyan can't get her freedom then If you can't pay for court you have no future.
3. Pakistan is not an Islamic state, not anymore. If it were really an Islamic state then not only Ayyan would have been free by now but also those who locked her up in jail for 1 and a half year without any charges would have been behind bars.