Thursday, February 4, 2016

and they call me slow!
I wish I hadn't listened and paid attention to that idiot bug which is not my responsibility because that stupid slow system takes 3 minutes just to start after every change that is made into it
today the biggest hand of my life has happened. I was given a paycheck and I was about to encash it. But a colleague of mine kept me busy in a fucking bug-fix and I lost track of time. And now the banks are closed, and tomorrow is a holiday, and there are 3 holidays in a row and I don't have a dime in my pocket.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Listening to music from movie "I hate love stories" it's here:
I think I need to take a bath!
So I used to think that my luks usbs get corrupted, but the thing came out to be that my luks partition header was somehow destroyed so the partition would take anything as a valid password, so giving wrong password would open the partition but would obviously not be able to read it.

So I gave the right password and it worked.
My tension is released, I was stuck in a huge code, but luckily it worked eventually! yo!
My bad, there is a way to copy file path in Sublime Text, just right click on the file contents and select 'copy file path' and there you go! Thanks sublime text people  
There are no properties of an opened file that I can copy the path of file from :(
But a bad thing about Sublime text is that I can't copy the complete filename with path names which I need now so badly!
Good thing about Sublime Text is that whenever I open it, it gives me the whole workspace that I was working on while previously I was using it. That saves me a lot of time.
I just realized that I can use teamviewer to access my computer at home. So let's do it.. I need it. I need to access my computer and teamviewer can do that????... well but my machine there is a linux and teamviewer uses some windows emulator to connect, may be I would need to install windows virtual machine on both computers to achieve that. I only want some ssh access! :(
Also users should be able to create blogs on, so that they don't have to go anywhere else. let's do it!
There should be a paste and create new button that posts content to the server and then goes back to editing mode. Though I was talking about blogger. But I think this should be available on too.
Yesterday my stay in the office was about 10 hours and 30 minutes!
I should create a good profile for myself, that tells about my skills and stuff. I am using linked-in at the moment, but I don't think it fulfills my need. For example, I'm good at optimizing stuff, like websites, softwares, and speeding up things. But linked-in doesn't provide me any facility to present myself like that.
Yesterday I learned two-pass luks encryption, though I don't like it's results. I encrypted my USB drive and the content was lost. May be I should be more careful.
I know I wasn't very loyal to my blog. Though I have an awesome one.
Today I'm trying to observe how it feels to blog everything ;)
https is available for blogs now! I just set by blog to use https! Awesome!
I uploaded a lot of stuff on PasteFS yesternight. A lot of it was private stuff, so that doesn't appear on the site.
I'm working on the front end at the moment. But I also have to keep in mind that Zaheer is also working on that part so I have to make sure that I keep my changes in a log so that there are no conflicts and if there are they can be resolved.
Today I forgot to bring my glasses (spectacles), I don't know how would I spend the rest of the day. I have two deadlines at hand today! :(

I came to the office at about 1:05 pm which is quite late already.