Thursday, June 25, 2015

Privacy in Pakistan

I see lots of people worried about their privacy online. They use long passwords and stuff. Even people in Pakistan. But here's the thing. "There is no privacy in Pakistan". The government or anyone else doesn't care a bit about people's privacy.

The way it is going, every person, every citizen of Pakistan is a potential threat to the government. So, the police can stop a person anywhere they like, take anything they like from the car, put their hands in ones pockets and people can't resist. The only thing stopping the police from doing so are may be some ethics taught to them under the name of Islam in the kindergarten. Rest is all forgotten.

I have even seen homosexuals among the police invading people's pockets and stuff to satisfy their soul, and I'm sure there is no stopping them. People don't even mention them out of embarrassment. Once I saw a policeman taking stuff out of a rickshaw driver's trouser's pockets, though I don't like rickshaw drivers but that doesn't mean I'd accept that.

If you ask me about cyber privacy, the government or anyone else doesn't care a bit about privacy of it's people not even when they're physically present so how can someone expect that they care about privacy when they're not present. So, all the privacy that people have got is the https connection they make with the server they're talking to online. The rest of the content is intercepted on the ISPs, shared with intelligence agencies or anyone else they like regardless of what their consequences could be for the victim.

I have seen on facebook, some of this "police" come to facebook with fake IDs, they send friend requests to people they want to stalk and then once the victim accepts their request they're in. They see your friends, who can know your address, who knows you better etc. etc. and if they don't get the information from you, they connect to one of your friends and ask them.

This situation is full of SHIT. And if these people who do all the stalking and intrusion of privacy think that they're patriots, they're dead wrong. Neither are they patriots nor are they good Muslims.