Wednesday, June 3, 2015

When My Brother Said, I Need it Sometimes...

Two days ago, I was talking to my brother and he asked me what happened to And I told him that I couldn't pay for it's expenses so I had to close it down. Also I wasn't getting any significant amount of traffic, and that I might relaunch it again but don't know for sure.

My brother, like me, is a programmer. He's running a firm. I'm a freelancer.

So, he told me, "I need that site sometimes. All the online sites sucks. Only 10KB data on"

That was one great thing I heard all day. Which encouraged me a lot to relaunch the site once again. It's here now and now it's called PasteFS (previously called "")

Please use it to store code and stuff. You can keep things public as well as private. And it's all free. And I'm positive that this time it's here to stay InshaALLAH

Tuesday, June 2, 2015 (previously Relaunched

PasteFS which was previously known as has been relaunched. It had been in testing mode till today evening. But now that testing thing is gone and it is live. I'm not creating my account at the moment. Shall see may be later.