Saturday, March 21, 2015

What Islam are they talking about?

These ISIS and TTP people say that they're serving Islam and ALLAH. Someone ask them, so how have they served Islam and ALLAH?

Palestine is about to end!
Afghanistan (as we knew it once) is destroyed.
Iraq is destroyed
Syria is destroyed
Libya is destroyed
People don't even think about Kashmir issue anymore
Pakistan is in a state of war
Number of polio cases in Pakistan have increased
People don't feel safe even in masajid
Children don't feel safe in school

on the other hand

Israel is expanding
United states has taken control of most of the countries
Economy-wise Muslims are on the verge of disaster
Hatred for Islam has increased
Muslims don't trust eachother anymore
Muslims are divided in sects and every sect is blood-thirsty of the other

Muslims are killing Muslims in the name of Islam and the enemies of Islam and enemies of Muslims are enjoying the show! You make a show out of Muslims and Islam and you say you served Islam?

First by United States, then By ISIS, Iraq is Under Destruction

One of the (said) reasons behind destruction of Iraq again and again is also to unleash the shayateen that Hazrat Sulaiman (A.S) imprisoned, devils/jinns can't unleash them but humans can.
according to history, they're imprisoned at places in Iraq.
united states couldn't use their army to destroy some key places, so ISIS is doing that part for them. they (ISIS) destroyed the tomb of Hazrat Younas (AS) and apparently Muslims don't care a bit!