Thursday, December 31, 2015

Israeli Brutality and What Should be Our Stance

I'm not a supporter of Alqaeda or any kind of terrorism. But here's what I think about the state of israel.

State of israel is a terrorist state. Jews have a history of crimes against humanity. Jews think they're superior than the rest of the mankind and the rest of the mankind is inferior to them. Jews can kill people whenever they like and no-one is justified to say a word against them.

I'm fed-up of people who try to differentiate between jews and zionists. In my opinion all jews are either zionists or they're the reason zionism is prevailing. So directly or indirectly they're involved in whatever the shit is happening.

There's a piece of history that they ignore. Whenever their brutality and ruthlessness goes out of bound, ALLAH create someone who slaughters them and show them what they're really worth. For example the most recent thing that happened against them was what they call holocaust, Hitler and his army slaughtered them, but at that difficult time, it were Muslims who supported them. Even fought for them against the German Army.

As their brutality is increasing against Muslims, I'm positive that ALLAH will create someone soon to take the revenge. But this time, Muslims should not give them refuge. Muslims should promise themselves that they will not give them refuge. For the sake of our Muslim brothers and sisters they have slaughtered and keep slaughtering to this day, we will not give them refuge.

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