Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Miss. Khan Baloch - Chapter 1

Wa, what an awesome Idea. let's write! So, Miss. Khan was one of my neighbors. Such a brilliant girl. But one thing that is hard to forget about her, is her piercing gaze.

The first time I saw her, it was a result day. I was in 7th class then, and she came with her niece and nephew who used to study in my school. I never remotely had an idea who she was, where she came from etc. etc. But I saw my other class fellow smiling after he saw her. So, I kind of got an idea that he knows her. Hassan Ali, don't know where he is, but where-ever he is, I hope everything is going great on his side.

We had two schools in our colony. One was Urdu-medium, and the other, mine, happened to be English-medium. Though I don't remember if I ever had a conversation, with anyone, in English. She belonged to the other one (btw, I'm positive that unlike us, they used to talk in Urdu often).

So our school and their school were in kind of a constant competition. That's the most fun part. Because as long as we were in the school, I saw my school winning only once.

I got 81% marks (in all of the subjects combined), my dear Hassan got... well I do remember, but I don't know if he'd like me disclose them or not.

So after the session ended, we all went home (on foot). And on the way, I asked my friend who the lady was. And he told me that she's a sister of one of the teachers there and aunt of the two kids with her.

"Oh! so she's also an aunty then", that's what I thought!

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