Saturday, January 24, 2015

About Charlie Hebdo Incident - The Conspiracy

There is a vast majority of people who think that ISIS is working for Israel. Instead of their claim of being a Muslim group. And there is quite a ground for that. And Charlie Hebdo incident was engineered by Mossad.

France is not a very friendly country for Muslims. Women can't have veils. So, it is kind of tough for Muslims to follow their religion. But after all this, France was about to accept Palestine as a state when this happened, while Israel is trying hard to prove that Palestine never existed.

About the offense that happened against Muslims' holiest person is not new (Though we as Muslims condemn that and those who did that deserve to die - in my personal opinion and I don't really care about them). I don't know you remember or not, but this offense has happened before, when denmark, france all supported that offense (norway apologized) and nothing happened against any of them.

But this time when France was about to do a favor to Muslims after all, they did the same offense again and this time a bunch of Muslims attacked.

Does that make sense? Why now? why not before? The way I see it, this was planned by both parties. The people who insulted Muslims clearly hated Muslims and wanted to criminalize Muslims further while Israel is a long-term enemy of Muslims already.

If we see around, the people who benefit from all this drama were not Muslims. Not in the long shot!

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