Friday, January 3, 2014

Save The World

New year has arrived. It's 2014 now. How quickly. I hardly posted on my blog once or twice. Had been busy in lots of stuff as most of the bloggers around me are.

When I revised my blog. It seemed oh, so, different than it should. I lost track. And posted stuff which shouldn't have been here. So I sort-of removed those posts.

As I look around myself now. Things have gone a lot bad. What we have now is lots of information and a very little knowledge.

Now if someone says, "Information" is "knowledge" ask them How you grow crops? How do you run fish farms? How do you grow cattle? How do you cure yourself when you're sick? They can't answer those questions, except, "where is the need to grow crops when we can buy veggies from the market?", "why do I need fish farms, why wont I buy fish from market and better, why don't I go to a restaurant and feed myself when I like to have fish?", "cattle are so yucky, why would I do that?" and "what are doctors for?"

Ok, may be I got too inn to agriculture, but what if you ask them "How do you find 'cos' of 'theta'?" :D

I asked that question to my university teacher (calculus teacher) and he said, there is a button for that in "scientific" calculator.

So the difference between "Information" and "knowledge" should be known. The information that "you have a doctor", "you have a market" and that "there is a button for cos" is just an information, not knowledge.

My advice, "get some knowledge" that's the key to saving the world.

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