Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Mystery of Omeletes

Well today I, for the first time in my life I guess, ate omelete... But I knew omelete from quite old times.

When I was a kid, in nursery or prep I guess, my friends ( Fasiha and sometimes Ahmad ) used to bring omeletes with them. They had a very good smell but I took them as just fried eggs... But I never knew why my fried egg doesn't smell that way... anyway, I never bothered my friends to offer me some, or atleast I don't know if I ever did (bothered them to offer me some :P)

My wife asked me many times if I'd like omelete, and I sort of refused saying, anything would suffice... and she never made it for me thinking that I don't really like them. I like fried eggs with green chillies and some salt only, I don't want anyone to waste time making something complicated for me in the breakfast...

So, today my brother's wife made it (I guess it was for him), and it smelled the same as those fried eggs that my old friends used to eat... I ate it, wasn't as tasty as good it smelled but the mystery ends here...

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