Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mustafa Kamal Says, "Agar Zulfiqar Mirza ke pas hamaray baray mai koi saboot hain to adalat ja'ain"

I would like to answer this remark from Mr. Kamal!

During an investigation, police and rangers (whoever is investigating) arrests people who they find involved in the crime. Those criminals are the sources of their bosses. But those criminals can't be used in the court as evidences.

All the information that comes out of those criminals is stored in form of reports. Those reports give an idea about who is the source of crime out there.

The documents that Zulfiqar Mirza has, are reports based on such criminals' information. They can't be used in the court to punish a criminal but they are TRUE nonetheless.

Mr. Kamal should not try to fool people with such remarks!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Anjaana Anjaani

Watched anjaana anjaani tonight. Thanks to youtube.com! The movie was ok, v. nice actually, but I don't priyanka chopra's lip- and nose-job! :( They look freakin-big now... Priyanka shouldn't have played with them! Blush was nice but I didn't like it's color. It would have looked better if it were pink.

My 200W is online! :D But not talking to me. She should be angry at me because I didn't talk to her since many days. Just sent an Eid card that considered it done :P

I hope she'd be reading it. As I often visit her facebook profile though I can't send a message now.

Anyways, let's talk some technology. I'm working on an android project right now. Should have been done at 10 PM but it's 3 AM now And I'm trying to finish it... just after writing this blog! :P InshaALLAH!