Friday, July 29, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FreeBSD Destroyed my Ethernet Cards

Just an old story came in my mind and I thought I should inform you guys too. Those who try to run freebsd on their PCs.

I had two lan cards, one intel and other 3com.

I installed intel one first and I was using it for more than two or three months. Then I installed freebsd and I saw improvement in my Internet speed. I was very happy with freebsd initially. But after about two weeks of using freebsd, my lan-card started to malfunction. I thought that my lan card is not working under freebsd may it's because somehow my software has got corrupt. So I installed windows again. But the lan cards stopped working. My lan-cards reception was fine but the transmission had completely stopped working.

I took it as normal, I got a new lan-card, installed and start working on my pc using windows again.

About a month later, I had a thought about installing freebsd again, because it was faster on Internet than windows. So, that's what I did. Installed freebsd to enjoy faster internet. But then again, no more than 15 days after my freebsd installed, my ethernet cards stopped working again. And this time, the problem was the same. Reception of the lan-card was fine, but the transmission was completely down.

From this I got a lesson, never install freebsd again if I have to get my pc running. It was such a cool operating system though, had a lot of beautiful very useful options. But, it destroyed my lan-card. I used version 5 though. I hope new versions are not harmful to PCs.

freebsd is not an operating system for PCs. So, there can be a compatibility problem. Thats what there was in my case. I think the lan-cards that I used weren't compatible or atleast advised to use under freebsd. Next time I think about running a system on freebsd, I shall think about buying a freebsd compatible system from freebsd people, so that if there is a similar problem, I could blame the freebsd directly.

last note, only use operating systems on your PCs that are advised to be used on them. Don't install linux on a windows system and don't install windows on a linux box. It doesn't work that way I guess. Didn't work that way in my case atleast.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Improving wordpress

Wordpress sucks... I have about 2,000,000 records at and the system is on it's knees... That's totally bad. I don't like it. I had so much good thoughts about wordpress.. but hey, there is one good thing about it.. it's very flexible. And I'm going to use it's flexibility!!!

It's time to get my website running again. and it's time to improve it's database... If I get some following here, I might upload the improved beast for free!!! :)

Let the hacking begin...

I'm thinking about uploading my progress at