Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Losing a Match Against India

Today we had a cricket match against India which Pakistan lost. But let's take a look at what the match really was.

This was not just a game. Let's take a look at the history of how Indians take things like these games.

In second to last world cup, when Srilanka took the cup. The final was with India and it happened to take place in Lahore.

In the last few moments of the game when there was a clear surety of India losing the game, the people from the crowd, Indians they were, started to throw empty bottles on the players of Srilanka. And this had created problems for the players and for the security too. But atleast it showed the lack of sportsmanship in the Indians even when they're outside their country.

Now, the match took place in their own country. And what was happening behind the scenes?

India, set it's anti-aircraft guns on the ready, now let me ask you a question. What cricket has to do with anti-aircraft guns? was there a terror strike expected from above? Terrorists don't use air-planes... so what was it? It was definitely a preparation of war against Pakistan.

During the game, sachin tendulkar was declared out by the empire, and suddenly the third empire came in without any invitation and declared him not out and this happened twice in a row. So they deliberately saved sachin unfairly.

And the worst injustice that was done to Pakistan team was organizing india-pakistan match in india. And this injustice was done by the great ICC itself...

I'm not sorry that my team lost. My team had to and is still facing lots of injustices by the ICC and the in-game injustice by unfairly saving sachin when he was clearly out, and I'm with my team.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Revolutions of the Ignorants

There has been a wave of revolutions in the arab countries in past few weeks. Which is quite alarming. Alarming, Not for any other, but for the very country in which the revolution is taking place.

Revolution can not bring any good to the country, but like Iraq and Afghanistan, the country will be back in the dark ages. People wont be any happier after these revolutions.

Let me ask you, that the united states, that is promising benefits of revolution, can it give jobs to it's own people? These days, us is begging for jobs, every citizen is suffering from job-insecurity. How can us give anything to these people who are fighting it's own country-men for the united states except for more destruction and weakness? This is a promise like every other promise us makes. Muslims are becoming a pawns in the hands of their elders and indirectly us policies and this is very shameful.