Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Afraid of Blogging

In these days, I had been and like mostly, I'm afraid of blogging. I think that I can't think of a topic of blogging so what's the point in writing. But I'm writing today anyways.

Saw that most of the bloggers who used to be my friends (pen-pals to be more precise) have either stopped blogging or they have locked their blog up to be seen by only their selected viewers.

My blog is different though. I haven't started blogging to lock it up. Locking up my blog wont do me any good.

My younger brother just bought a laptop. And now I'm using it to write this post. I've started to have a liking for this machine. I think I need one too! With lots of power failures that are happening these days. I really need a laptop.

Me and my family, all of us have been sick these days because of some infection. I've started to take antibiotic. Heard that one of the old friends of mine is sick too. I hope she gets well soon. She lives in America and there, I've heard that they don't give an antibiotic without a prescription. That's really really bad. Especially when you ask for an appointment and they give you a date in next week. I don't like America for this. I love my own country!

Got to work... but hey, if you have got an infection (I hope not) then there is a plan to keep you alive.
1. mix turmeric in milk and drink it no more than twice a day
2. wash your mouth with a mouthwash (an antiseptic one)

that's going to make you feel a bit better.

I hope the don't lock mouthwash up because I've posted so!!!