Monday, September 5, 2011

Anjaana Anjaani

Watched anjaana anjaani tonight. Thanks to! The movie was ok, v. nice actually, but I don't priyanka chopra's lip- and nose-job! :( They look freakin-big now... Priyanka shouldn't have played with them! Blush was nice but I didn't like it's color. It would have looked better if it were pink.

My 200W is online! :D But not talking to me. She should be angry at me because I didn't talk to her since many days. Just sent an Eid card that considered it done :P

I hope she'd be reading it. As I often visit her facebook profile though I can't send a message now.

Anyways, let's talk some technology. I'm working on an android project right now. Should have been done at 10 PM but it's 3 AM now And I'm trying to finish it... just after writing this blog! :P InshaALLAH!

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