Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordpress Timer Plugin

Just completed my project on Wordpress Timer Plugin. It took about 8 days to complete with all the bells and whistles and it was fun to work on. The project was assigned by Ben W. (Don't know complete name sorry).

The wordpress improvement thing is not going very fast but now I have an idea what to do. But I still have to check a lot of things. But the end result seems to be fine ;)

The idea is based on facebook, like facebook that uses cassandra as a separate key-store, we're going to use our mysql to do the keystore job. That should improve our speed.

I'm also planning to distribute the bigger load on different mysql servers. This way, the retrieval of data can be speeded up. But I have seen a little number of people interested in the project. I received just 5 hits yesterday. Thougn I must thank An Average American Patriot an awesome blog that honoured me by following my posts.

to, Thank you! I salute you!

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