Sunday, August 21, 2011

Permalink Structure

WordPress permalink structure has given me nightmares lately. I had been thinking what is the reason for my website ( being too slow? Half of he answer came out to be the permalink structure.

My permalink structure was something like this


but I never thought that it would draw a huge CPU time out of the 30 seconds slot. First wordpress compiles the permalink, then it uses the search function (the worst) to find slugs if I’m not mistaken and ID which is a part of permalink structure is never thought about in the wordpress. So the searching was drawing a huge amount of processing speed slowing the overall website down.

But there seems to be nothing that I can do about it. When I remove the permalink structure and set permalink to default morphology the old links start to give 404 errors thus breaking all my links that are coming in from google and other search engines etc which can lose me quite a traffic.

So, I installed a plugin called ‘advanced permalinks’ all it does is not disabling the old permalinks while we set a new permalink structure, provided the new permalink structure is not the default structure. So, now I’ve set the permalink structure to:


and that’s all, I’ve done this in a hope that now wordpress would search for post IDs rather than slugs to find a post which is much faster. But I still think that category search and tag-search is drawing a huge amount of proccessing power too. I need to take care of them too now.

Just a piece of advice: Keep your permalink structure to default one only

(copy-pasted from 'my other blog' )

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