Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Idea Behind The Improvement of Wordpress

Improving the database of wordpress doesn't seem to be an easy task. Because one thing goes up the other goes down. But anyways, I have to do it. Because wordpress people themselves wont like to plunge in the thing that doesn't bother them much.

The people who use wordpress are mostly those who don't have to blog a lot. Unlike huffingtonpost and cnn.com etc. They're so happy when their blog count reaches 1000.

But in our case, my case that is, my blog went too faster than this. In the first month, I had about 10,000 posts already posted. And wordpress was working with little or no problem. Now, my blog has reached a number of 49,000 posts and wordpress says goodbye many times in a day. I never saw it coming because of so much good words that the people had to say about wordpress.

Even now, if I update my blog to multisite, I'm facing a lot of problems, for-example, The blog-posts are all seo-optimized. Then there would be a problem of optimization... that would be a huge one because then there would be folders for example now my posts look like this:


But after the upgrade, it would look like this


So, see, the posts come under folders. I and the search-engines wont like that.

So, I have to do everything on the wordpress single-site... and I hope I have finances to do that.

I have installed an adsense advertisement to help myself going forward. Don't get freaked out by that. Eventually I have to upload that optimized blog here and most probably for free ;)

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