Saturday, May 21, 2011

What is Her Crime?

I had been looking in a website and Found out this picture. This picture belongs to france where they have imposed a ban on Burqa(covering face of women) and Hijab.

I just want to ask you and the people of the world, “what is her crime?”. Would you like to be dragged this way in some country’s streets if you’re following your religion? would you like to be dragged this way in streets of some country that you’re serving only because you are following your culture? Would that be justified in any way? wont you be angry at the authorities? Wont you call it injustice?

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an average patriot said...

She committed no crime. The crime is committed by the coward extremists who hide behind them and kill innocents including Muslim Women and children.

I see in your own country they are going after you because of UBL the betrayer of Islam's death with his vendetta against the west.