Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Revolutions of the Ignorants

There has been a wave of revolutions in the arab countries in past few weeks. Which is quite alarming. Alarming, Not for any other, but for the very country in which the revolution is taking place.

Revolution can not bring any good to the country, but like Iraq and Afghanistan, the country will be back in the dark ages. People wont be any happier after these revolutions.

Let me ask you, that the united states, that is promising benefits of revolution, can it give jobs to it's own people? These days, us is begging for jobs, every citizen is suffering from job-insecurity. How can us give anything to these people who are fighting it's own country-men for the united states except for more destruction and weakness? This is a promise like every other promise us makes. Muslims are becoming a pawns in the hands of their elders and indirectly us policies and this is very shameful.

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