Monday, December 6, 2010

Aljannat Shadi Hall

Long time ago...

I started this blog and thought that I'd be updating it everyday... but that didn't happen.

I also had written many posts but I had to, for some reason, remove them later on. So, that was a loss. But, to make things even worse for me, a few days ago, removed my website altogether and everything on their systems that belonged to Takht-e-Sulaiman. So that was a blow and I was very discouraged.

Now, I've gathered some determination to write again.

I've seen that umm-e-Omar has also stopped posting. She's an inspiration for me to write. And is my source of ideas about things. But anyways, now I think I should write anyways, I hope she's doing fine and happily busy in her family.

I was at a marriage yesternight at Sheikhupura at aljannat shadi hall which is situated on the lahore-sheikhupura highway. The driver charged us 2100 rupees for such a short trip. But whatever they charge, we pay. So, I paid him anyway. But I wasn't quite willing to, we had decided at 2000 but in the end he refused. Shame on him, his words were not worth 100 rupees. Anyways being back home is such a pleasure.