Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Stupid Israel

Posted: 18 Aug 2010 06:31 AM PDT

Heard that Israel is upto attacking Iran… well I’ve read many blogs today related to this story and those who’re quite fond of war are constantly encouraging Israel on attacking Iran before Aug – 21. And Muslims even think that this is the start of the armageddon which we’ve been foretold about.

I like the idea of armageddon though, I don’t know if it really is armageddon or not, but if it is, then it is time to for us Muslims to be together in this war. Because this not Iran’s war, this is a war between Muslims and the evil who hide behind christianity and jewism. And for them, it is, as mr. george bush says, a crusade since the very beginning when it began in about 2000 ad.

ALLAH save us Muslims from these evil people of Israel and Christianity, and give us Fatah (victory) over them! A’meen and if we die, ALLAH give us the death of His obedient servant. A’meen!

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