Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ah! so watched a movie named G.I.Joe (nice one). It was full of black action. I just don't know what happened because there was lot of darkness... but a lot of things happened in that movie.

Now I'm downloading Johnny Bravo which are my favourite cartoons. Hope they download soon.

The electricity problem is still here and that is why I had been, if so, a little angry in my last posts. It feels quite terrible when a work of about two months is wasted because of a one second electricity breakdown. My G drive was all washed away yesterday because of this stupid load-shedding.

People here in Pakistan are in trouble if you ask me. Many people said this infront of media that if this loadshedding problem is not resolved then he/she shall commit suicide. So the problem is huge no doubt. People's life depend on electricity. On the other hand the prices are getting higher and higher every day. So, here's the thing. The prices are getting higher while the income of people is just drowning. So, the things are really terrible here. Pardon me, but a few days back I bought some pills to keep myself calm.

Added Samimaneh to my fav. blogs. She's from our most favourite neighbouring country. When I was in Dera Ghazi Khan, I used to listen to Radio Zahidan regularly and I really liked that channel. But at that time, I didn't know that Zahidan is in Iran :P.