Thursday, July 2, 2009

So, at last, my wife has learned to cook Halwa. It's the simplest sweet-dish I know to the day. Yet many people actually doesn't know how to cook it. Halwa also goes by the name Suji ka Halwa or Semolina Halwa etc.

I had been thinking about writing something about The Mairaj. Mairaj is misunderstood by a lot of Muslim scientists who just try to prove it through Physics. But can we really explain Mairaj in physics?

We must understand one thing very clearly that we're not following a false religion. Islam is true and it is the religion (deen) chosen by ALLAH (None worshippable except HIM) for us. We don't need to lie to someone to impress him ro her. And if we do, we're not doing any good. One day or the other he/she will find out about the lie himself if he/she did believe us the first time.

This blog is just a reminder for me to write my blogpost about The Mairaj (scientifically). I have already written a good sized article at this URL which can give my readers a start InshaALLAH.

I can't just cut-paste that article from there to my blog because that'd be unjust with the website that hosted my article for so long.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Is Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) Alive?

This is going to be a very controversial post and I'm going to generate a huge bunch of haters this time...

So, that's what they say... That RasooluLLAH (peace be upon Him) is alive.

So, there are a few things I want to ask them.

1. If He's (Peace be upon Him) alive, then are you saying that he wasn't a human? Because every human dies one day (death isn't the end of course, it's just a change of place of life).

2. Ok Ok! I got you, He's alive, but that means my grandfather who died a few years ago is alive too... isn't it??
Ok then that means RasoolULLAH (peace be upon Him) isn't alive in this world either... because as RasooluLLAH said himself that:
I'm a human like you

3. Ok, You mean to say that RasoolULLAH (Peace be upon him) is alive while ALLAH says in Qur'an:
Every living being will taste death

So, aren't you negating Qur'an when you say so?

4. Let me ask you just the last question this time, if you say that RasooluLLAH (Peace be upon him) is alive and never died then.
RasoolULLAH Mohammad (Peace be upon him) said himself,
"No prophet after me"

So, He (Peace be upon Him) said, "No prophets after me" this means current time is his time and not the time after his so that means there can be prophets today isn't it??? Aren't you paving a way for Qadyanis and other false prophets??

I really feel sad when someone start this conversation that RasoolULLAH Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) is alive and I negate him.

Actually there is no end of a Human's life. It ends here and starts there. That's what happens to everybody that is what happened to Him (RasooluLLAH (Peace be upon Him)). But if someone say that no, He (Peace be upon Him) is alive exclusively and no-one else is, then he/she should answer my questions first.