Thursday, May 7, 2009


I've started a new forum today with the name Fox Files whose new address is still in transit.

I had been experiencing some problems in my phone line so my Internet (which is a DSL) wasn't working at all. Phone line came alive but the DSL was still not working so I reported the telephone people to fix my problem and to my astonishment they have done it all today. MashaALLAH!

Rahat's bloodpressure dropped today so I gave her a multivitamin. Now bloodpressure seems normal but the pulse rate has increased. Hope she be fine soon InshaALLAH! I don't have milk here at home so I can't offer her a cup of tea. Well let's see... Now having a cup of tea isn't an option either.

The last few days, it had been raining. So, the weather was a bit cold and I was happy about it. But today Rahat reported pain in whole of her body and even I'm feeling pain in my head and some itching in my throat which tells me that I'm near an infection. So, I was thinking why is this happening to us and I got a possible answer while I was having lunch.

Rainfall changes the weather. If it rain in winter, the weather becomes very cold, and in summer the weather becomes cold too. So, if it rain before winter, the harm is minimum because the weather changes abruptly to cold and the following weather is cold also. But if rain fall before summer like it has happened most recently, the result is abrupt change from hot to very cold weather and then hot again. This fluctuation creates many difficulties for the body and immune system damages paving a way for the bacteria etc to attack thus resulting in a infection. So, a rainfall before summer and after winter is dangerous if not taken seriously.

What can we do to avoid infection?

The answer is simple. When it is raining before summer, we should not turn our fans on no matter if we are feeling hot. We should keep ourselves a little warmer than we like. This warmth is the protection against infection. If someone gets infected, doctors usually give them cough syrups or painkillers or may be a multivitamin to keep their body healthy but they try to avoid antibiotics because antibiotics are the last thing a good doctor thinks of. By the way, I think of an antibiotic very early because I know if I don't take the antibiotic, I'm not going to recover without losing a lot of health.

Those who like homoeopathic, they usually take Arsenic Album (30x) etc. with Ferrum Phosphoricum (6x or 30x). I don't like homoeopathy very much, but sometimes, I just love it.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I had a game of "Age of Empire" tonight on the