Saturday, April 25, 2009


This was quite a tough night for me but AlhamduLILLAH things are in control a bit now. AlhamduLILLAH!

Yesternight, I had a little argument with my wife about going to her mothers' and I, in anger said, please don't talk anymore about it. I never had been angry before at my wife so she became so much worried that she couldn't sleep all night. In the morning I saw her womitting a bit so I started to talk to her. We were talking and suddenly she fainted. She stopped responding and I thought she, in anger, has increased her blood pressure so much that she is now out of her senses. I became worried too. I brought a glass of water and begin to spray her face with it. But the most dangerous thing I noticed was, that she wasn't breathing...

I started to manually press her ribs so that some fresh oxygen goes inside and the heart is a little pumped, after a few seconds she started breathing (AlhamduLILLAH) and I was relieved. I started to draw her attention towards myself by talking to her but she wasn't able to open her eyes. I pulled her to sit and asked her what have you eaten? (Lucky that I asked this question) and she replied, tablets!
me: which tablets?
her: Tranquilizer.
me: How many?
her: four
(Oh my Goodness)
So I pulled her up and forced her to walk with me to the kitchen. (So unfortunate that I hadn't had coffee) Oh my Lord what to do? I took her to the kitchen, took a small pan and poured some water in it from the tap. Then went to the stove burner and put it on fire. I poured three or four spoonfulls of tea (They often call it black tea) into it. While it boiled I kept her busy in talking. She was saying just one thing... "Let me sleep"... I said ok please wait a second... I did anything I could to keep her awake, slapped her, make her walk, anything that wont let her rest.

The pan soon started boiling and I poured the black tea into the cup realizing that it's too hot to drink, I brought a pan full of cold water to drop the temperature of the tea and as soon as possible, I started to feed her with that black incredibly bitter tea. After two or three big gulps she started womiting and I was a bit relieved to see that.

After she womitted out all that was in her stomach I fed her with some more tea which she reluctantly accepted. But I forced it in. I took her then to shower with her dress on (because sleeping under shower is quite difficult). After half an hour, I brought her out but didn't let her dry because drying up means relaxing and relaxing leads to sleeping...

We talked for an hour or two in this state and I asked her why she took those high profile tranquilizers??? She replied, "I was just trying to sleep but I couldn't. I took four tablets so that I could sleep early, (The tablets are so small but are really hardcore tranquilizers).

I asked her who gave you those tablets? and She replied, "The school headmaster (or principal) gave me those tablets to take in my very tense days when I had so much work." (She used to work formerly in a school as a teacher and vice principal).

I was so annoyed. I told her that your stupid headmaster was making you an addict. And in my utmost annoyance I said whatever I could say against that principal, his native city and so on...

You just can't hold it when your wife's life is at stake because of such an idiot.

Anyway, to keep her awake for hours, I planned to take her to her mother's on motorbike, it's a 3 hours 30 minutes ride and I hoped that 3 hours will weaken the effect of the pills. So, we prepared the breakfast, had it, and started our journey to Gujranwala, the city I hate the most (due to the above experiences and the people who caused them).

Friday, April 24, 2009

Qadyani - The False Prophet/Imam

I had been watching T.V. a few years ago and searching for a T.V. Based on Islam. There I found religious (apparently Muslim) T.V. channel but to my horrible surprise, I saw in it the qadyanis preaching their religion. So, As it just came into my mind, I thought I should write something about that group also.

According to Qadyanis, they are "True Muslims" or at least Muslims, but please be advised, they are not muslims at all. Qadyani-ism was started from Pakistan and then it was supported by many countries especially USA and England etc. Quadyani was one of the most famous debators of his age. His articles were given most importance in the Muslim world especially Pakistan. But then things changed. At the first he claimed to be Issa (AS) or Jesus, According to him, he had the qualities what Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be upon him) informed us that Issa AS would have (He was wrong, he had none of the qualities let me leave it for the moment). He also said that he is a Nabi or Prophet of ALLAH. Later in his life, he also claimed himself to be Iman Mahdi. (This proves he was a liar because Issa AS and Imam Mahdi are two different people)

Qadyani's full name is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani. He was born (to my displeasure) in a mughal family. Anyone who attaches mirza to himself is either a Mughal by family or it means that he is a Qadyani follower (non-muslim)( So here's the thing, Neither every mirza is qadyani and nor every qadyani attach mirza with his name ). Qadyani refuse to call themselves as Qadyani, instead they insist on calling themselves ahmadi or ahmadiyya in western countries where they have all the protection but in places like Pakistan, they refuse to be ahmadi or qadyani at all they just say that they are muslims. They don't believe in Khatam-e-Nubuwat (The fact that Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be upon him) is the Last prophet of ALLAH) so they clearly refuses a very important Hadees and Ayah of The Qur'an thus they are non-muslims.

In Qur'an ALLAH says,
Mohammad (P.B.U.H) is not the father of any of your men but (he is) sent by ALLAH and the Seal of Prophets.

Rasool-uLLAH says (Peace be upon Him),
I'm the seal of Prophets, No Prophet after me.

If someone thinks that Seal doesn't mean the end or closure (which isn't true ofcourse: seal means the closure) then The Hadith clears the point when it says "No Prophet after me". Rasool-uLLAH didn't say no prophet will born after me, he simply said, "No prophet after me". It may seem to you that Issa (AS) or Jesus is also a prophet and he will come so how can this be true? But the fact is Mohammad (PBUH) clearly says, "no prophet after me" which means that Hazrat Issa AS is no longer a prophet. He will come, but as a follower of Mohammad (PBUH). It may sound very extreme to you, but this is what it means. Please consult some alim-e-deen if you're in doubt about this.

I read in Sahih-Bukhari some time ago (may be a few months or a year) that Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be upon him) said that there would come into existence a group of people in the East (In east comes Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, India etc) they will read Qur'an but it wont pass down their throats. They would be very good in talking, they would offer prayers, but they would be Jahannamis (people who go to hell). Sahabah (The companions) (RA) asked Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) what is their identity? Rusool-uLLAH said (Peace be upon him), 'they will shave their beards'. I suggest you to please read Sahih Bukhari and you'll find it, my translation isn't so good so please don't take it as final word.

I think, the qadyani group is the one Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H) was talking about. But I'm not sure because there are many groups who match the criteria, one other is the Parvezi group (they are followers of Ghulam Ahmad Pervez and are still not announced as non-muslims. Pervezis reject Hadith altogether Ghulam Ahmad Pervez also used to shave his beard).

The reason I'm writing this is to keep you informed that everyone who says he is a Muslim may not be a Muslim. Qadyanis are preaching their religion in many countries of the world and they say we are preaching Islam or "True Islam".

There is a great number of people who wants to convert to Islam and practice Islam, if they are approached by qadyanis before the Muslims do, qadyanis cunningly absorb them to their religion which isn't Islam and those poor people lose their tracks. This is awful but this is a fact. I beg you to beware of such people. They are a fitna. Save yourselves and the people around you from this fitna.

Qadyanis have been announced as Non-Muslims by the Pakistani Government since 1974. They are taken as a minority and are given the minority rights. But they still insist on being Muslims and to our surprise, they call themselves "True Muslims" and their religion as "True Islam".

Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani challenged a Pakistani Alim-e-Deen (Man of Letters) in such words, "if i (qadyani) am right, qadyani will see your (Alim-e-Deen's) dead body and If you (Alim-e-Deen) are right then you shall see my (qadyani's) dead body. That Alim-e-Deen died 40 years after Qadyani's death.

If Qadyani says that he is Imam Mahdi, then he shouldn't have died before the appearance fo Hazrat Issa (AS), but he was a liar and he is dead.

Rusool-uLLAH Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be upon Him)rightly said that before Dajjal many liar prophets and gods will born.

ALLAH save us from all these tests and show us and keep us on the right path. A'meen!
Today is Friday 24th of april If I'm not mistaken and I'm in a funny mood. It's 9:09 pm in the evening and my wife has recently met her friend who has ignited my wife's earnest desire to "at last" meet her (my wife's) mother after a long long time of 15 days. I had been distracting her for many days but now she has become a volcano emitting lava of desire to go to her mother's home. She's vigorous now and sitting just at the back saying whatever she can to ignite my gallancy so that I take her to her mothers.

Crying, laughing whatever she can do to make me say YES. But as a good husband I'm still refusing. Sorry guys, I can't write at the moment because I can't pay attention as a matter of fact I'm really laughing from the inside and can't control it.

She says, "I'm feeling pain in my head and it can only be recovered when I reach Gujranwala (her mothers home)." LOL

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I had been reading a very nice article on Just Another Day about penmanship. It's worth reading and should we understand it. A computer can never beat a pen. These are quite a few horrible misconceptions about a computer like:

Computer Beats human brain in calculation speed.
Computer can never beat a human brain. Even not a master computer. A computer has a limited memory, a limited processing power whereas a human brain has unlimited memory it can process things in a fraction of a second which a computer can take years. (we call it qualitative analysis).

Qualitative analysis is something a computer can not perform. For example, for a computer to know that a glass is half filled with water, the only way is to measure it. If it is more than a half, computer will say it's not half. If that glass is a little less than a half filled with water, computer will say it's not half. This is because of the fact that computer doesn't know qualitative analysis. It only knows quantitative analysis. Whereas a brain know how to quantitatively and qualitatively analyze an object.

Take an example of "He is a good man". Now, If I talk to you, I may say after a five minutes discussion that "You're a good man/woman" but a computer may take years to decide whether you're a good man or not. So, a computer's memory is limited. We should not over estimate a computer.

A human brain is perfect in every aspect because it's created by ALLAH. Take another example of tossing a coin. If I ask you, I'm tossing a coin, what do you think would be the outcome? a head or a tail? You may say it will be head InshaALLAH (you may say otherwise), or you may say it would be neither because the eagle on the tree beside is trained in catching coins. But a computer can-not decide. It may say that it can't be anything other than a head or a tail. It can-not take an eagle into account no matter if it's looking at it.

Computer saves paper so it's environment friendly.
Computer never saves paper. Every good organization keeps two records of data, one on the paper and other in the computer. Computer data can be altered or removed altogether by accident, but the data on the paper is non-volatile. So, that's why, they need paper. Computer never saves paper, Instead, using computer has increased paper usage in many areas.

It is better to write on a computer and print it out rather than writing on a paper by hand.
It can never be better to write on a computer and then print it than to write directly on a paper. Take for example the fact into account that in some countries, like Pakistan, Electricity is quite unreliable. I'm writing this now, but I'm not sure if I would be able to complete this document. Likewise, there are places where you can-not find electricity at all. You must rely on a pen and a paper to write. How is computer any better than the pen?

We should keep our children away from calculator, a computer and a mobile phone as much as we can because it greatly affects the human brain.

Calculator wont let you calculate on your own. So, you'd soon be relying on a calculator for even a simple calculation like 12 x 5 thus retard your brain capability.

Computer wont let you wander here and there while you're studying. You can't study under a tree when you need to study using a computer. Your eyes must look forward to view the screen thus increasing stress on them and even a computer wont let you learn things because to learn things you need time and when you're reading on a computer you're discharging your batteries or using electricity which can go off any moment so you're in a hurry always.

Mobile phone emits microwaves which ionizes the molecules in the cells of human brains and tissues thus they can do anything. If, God-Forbid, a microwave accidentally dries some of the blood in one's brain cappilaries, they can jam the blood circulation and destroy a part of the brain... by the way... for your information, the inventor of the mobile phone never used his invention himself and he relies only on landline.
Today was a simple day like all days before. I slept all day and did nothing remarkable. I woke up when it was almost maghrib time. My brain is bombarded with thoughts of what to write and what not to write and often I forget everything as my IQ has dropped very sharply in past few years. Well you may think that I'm sleeping all day and up all night that's why my brain isn't working fine. Well that isn't the case really.

I had been a patient of depression in past years. About three or more. I never consulted a psychiatrist for this purpose because my depression wasn't so simple and I was sure that a psychologist can't understand me. I'm still sure. When I was under severe depression, I had negative thoughts about everything almost. I knew I was wrong but I couldn't help myself. So, I prayed silently for ALLAH's help. besides I was a sinner, ALLAH helped me, and to be exact, not my parents, not my friends, no-one else, just ALLAH helped me. He later on helped me with his friends, with my wife with whom I live now AlhamduLILLAH (formerly I lived with my parents).

So, in those times, the only remedy for me was to forget things. So, I tried to forget everything. What I ate, what I drank, with whom I talked and what I said and what he/she said. I tried to forget everything so that no memories no thoughts. So, now I forget things quickly. This is what I have learned. Otherwise, I had a memory that astonished people. I knew what happened the times when I didn't even learned to speak.

Anyway, time passed by, the only thing that matters is that ALLAH helped me when I needed him. He helped me no matter whatever I was. Without his help, I wouldn't have survived such a horrible disease. ALLAH forgive me all my sins and make me thanksgiving to you! A'meen!

Anyway, here is a plan to keep good mental health. I hope it'd be helpful.
I've been posting for a while, and it seems that the people I pay attention to never pay attention to me. I don't know why. But I'm always a little bad on social grounds.

When I was a child, I was thought to be very social unlike my elders. But as the time passed, I came to know that the people who pretend to pay attention to me so much don't pay attention to me at all. They talk to me, they laugh with me because they have their own interests. There is a good number of exceptions. But this is also a reality. May be the thing they wanted was to brainwash me according to their will. But now things are a bit different. Now people meet me, but only those who are sincere with me becuase most of them know that they can't brainwash me anymore as I'm no longer a kid.

But whatever ALLAH's will I accept it all by my heart. He knows better about me than myself.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Islamic Books I Read

I had been very unselective about the books I read so I let my elders select them for me. My dad bought many books for me that I used to read. My Grandfather gifted me a Qur'an-e-Majeed alongwith a book on Hudood-o-Taazeerat (Punishment) and a couple of Hakeem Saa'di (The greatest scholar of Persia (Iran)) namely Hikayat-e-Gulistan-e-Saadi and Hikayat-e-Boostan-e-Saadi which were all awesome books MashaALLAH. My dad used to gift me a lot of books related to history and Islamic in general. So, I used to read an awesome collection of books AlhamduLILLAH.

But now I'm completely changed about choosing books. I'm very very selective. I don't pay attention to a lot of books now. Only a few... very few. Because of the fact that mostly books are filled with propaganda and people's own thoughts. Which I'm mostly not interested in. Because I've seen it many times that thoughts of the people don't conform with Islam. So, if a thinking is not according to Islam, it's wrong. You might think I'm a fundamentalist or something, but that's the way I am. So, following are the books I found the best among them.

1. The Qur'an (The King of All books)
2. Sahih Bukhari ( The second in truth )
3. Tafseer - Ibn -e- Kaseer (Kathir) (I only like this Tafseer because Ibn-e-Kathir (RA) didn't write anything from himself. It's a collection of Ayah and Ahadith related to those Ayah (Verses from The Qur'an))
4. Kashf-al-Mahjoob ( Author: Hazrat Ali Hajveri (RA), Translation: Maulvi Feroz-ud-Din) (If the translation is someone else's I wont accept it so consider it fixed.)
5. Hudood-o-Tazeerat (written by an ex-chief justice of Pakistan) (This book has nothing to do with the current rules and regulations of Pakistan and is just about the rules and regulations of Islam That's why I like it.)
6. I love to read the Story of Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be upon him), but I have found none so worthy. so I read "Pyaray Nabi ke Pyari Kahanian (URDU)" and "Seerat-un-Nabi (Peace be upon him) by ... (I can't remember his name but he's a worthy author hope to remember him soon InshaALLAH)"

Please, whenever you decide to read a book on Islam, Please please please check for it's authenticity. The above discussed books are the most authentic in their fields and will represent the true face of Islam. The books written now can be a part of propaganda going on in favor of or against Islam. Reading books is a great hobby, but you should know what you're reading. I may be an extremist in selection of books, but this is my mindset. I may be wrong in my mindset, but I don't feel it. People may have worked really hard when writing a book on Islam, but sometimes, there are errors we can not understand. So, please be aware when selecting and reading an Islamic book.

ALLAH show us the right path and keep us firm on it! A'meen!
So., another day! It's 23rd of April Thursday and it's 8:33 in the morning. I had been sleeping for a while and now I'm awake. Fed my fish the aquarium fish food after a long time.

My fish are good AlhamduLILLAH, except for one thing that their tails aren't really straight the way they should be. Their fins are little curved in a circle. The tips come closer than usual may be that's because they aren't fine still. I'm keeping their temperature a bit higher to keep them safe from the cold. I also fed them with an antibiotic and of course a little bit of vitamins yesterday.

Now I'm having my breakfast. I use to have a cold meal because recently I have recovered (not fully) from Jaundice. My SGPT level came out to be 1750 while the normal is 0 to 50. So, I'm avoiding any hot food.
Well! I've lost a lot of time in changing this blogger's template. Now I think I need to change and face my wash... I mean... wash my face. It's about 9:04 pm and according to Mr. Asif Ali Zardari it's 10:04 pm. The water is gone and now we have to rely on the water tanky which is situated on the rooftop. Happy that my dear wife has already filled it in time AlhamduLILLAH.

Yesterday I'd been reading something about Mr. Zakir Naik. Mr. Zakir is an icon in the field of debate from Muslims. ALLAH has given him a good memory and good debate skills. I mostly see him on Peace T.V. I personally like Maulana Asraar Ahmad who is a Pakistani. He is an icon, a good Aalim-e-Deen (Man of Letters) and a good man. But from his face, he look a little angry :). Anyway, whatever he looks like, he's just a great man MashaALLAH. ALLAH keep him safe. Aameen.

Today I was thinking that The Qur'an is the only correct book in the whole world. Nothing else is near to that correct. Take Sahih Bukhari for example, the second most authentic book in the entire world, But Hazrat Isma'il Bukhari used to say himself that I have learned 300,000 Ahadith out of which 200,000 aren't authentic while 100,000 are authentic and correct. On the other hand, The Great Qur'an, MashaALLAH, AlhamduLILLAH, is correct and authentic from start to the beginning. ALLAH has saved each and every word of it for us through these many years (more that 1400 years) in which everything else has changed. Many countries made and destroyed, many people came, reached their old age and died. The people who never took bath began to take bath every day. everything changed to 180 degrees except the quran which didn't changed even a single mark. ALLAH is right. He said, "Of course I am the one who sent the quran and I am the guardian for it." sorry if I did some mistake in translating. But I don't have a great collection of words.

ALLAH show us the right path and keep us firm on it. A'meen!
I have changed the top picture today. It's simple and it's small. By the way, I took the above (Tasmia) picture from one of my favourite blogs I hope she (the owner of the blog) wont mind :).

One of my fish were sick a few days back. I don't know what happened. May be the water was polluted with wheat flour. Yep that's right, I feed them with wheat flour often. Mostly it is in cooked form (in form of chapatti) but some times, it is just the paste. I fed them with a homoeopathic medicine by the way and now they are AlhamduLILLAH fine.

I've been very critical about using homoeopathic medicine but now my mind is changing...

I'm sitting on my computer as you all know, my table is "sprinkled" with a jug of water, a mouse some medicines (xynociene, rose water and Ferrum Phosphoricum 6x to be exact) my torch an empty bowl of glass, an empty box of water filter, my wallet, my handkerchief, my spectacles and a pair of AA size NiMH rechargable damaged batteries. Don't know what to do about them... they look fine to me, but sometimes I get tired of such a mess.... though I never organize things up myself and rely mostly on my wife.

I've been posting some new movies on which mostly belong to Pakistan Air Force. Don't want to post them here, they don't look very sweet and won't let my blog clean. I like my blog to be clean so no extra stuff.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Gospel of Judas

Gospel of Judas is found after about 1700 years which is considered as one of the most authentic document of the christians.

according to New York times, it says that Jesus (Issa AS) said to Juda, "you will exceed all of them. For you will sacrifice the man that clothes me."

I haven't read it myself but counting on the information of New York times. By the way, this seems really disturbing how can a great man like Jesus (Issa AS) is willing to die???

New York times and Christians think that Jesus liked him because he was willing to get rid of his physical flesh that's why he liked Juda so much. But I don't think that's the story.

We Muslims, believe that Jesus is, and all this time was, alive with all his physical form. And I think that Gospel of Judas is the evidence of this belief.

Jesus (Issa, Peace be upon him) said, you'll sacrifice the man that clothes (impersonate) me.

According to Muslims, the story is something like this.

Issa (Jesus) (A-S) was in a shelter when some soldiers came to arrest him. Because of his fear or something they sent a man among them inside to take Jesus (Issa AS) so he went. He couldn't find Jesus (Issa AS) in there so he came out to tell the soldiers that he is not in there. But oh, his face so much resembled that of Jesus (Issa AS) so the soldiers arrested him and accused him that he was lying and he is Jesus himself and has killed the soldier they had sent. So they arrested him and he was later killed on the cross. (Let me call this man Impersonator)

Now let us see how Gospel of Judas prove it.

Jesus (Issa AS) said to juda (Yahooda in Arabic) that you'll sacrifice the person who clothes me. It was because this was the way to keep Jesus safe from harm of Jews. Now let's see what actually would have happened.

The Impersonator came out and was arrested among other people who were thought to be Jesus (Issa AS). Juda was asked to identify Jesus (Issa AS). So, he told them that the impersonator is actually Jesus (Issa AS) which was wrong. But, the jews took it as final and killed the impersonator on the cross. No one else than Juda knew that Jesus (Issa AS) was safe and he never told anyone the fact. That was why Jesus (Issa AS) liked him. Because he was the bravest among them to perform such a sensitive task.

If you don't realize how sensitive the task was, then try to think about the spies. Every country has spies. And if any of the spy is caught, he faces the toughest time. Killed slowly and tortured the most that the enemy can. So a spy can't be a coward man. If a country chooses a coward spy, the whole country is at stake.

This is how much important the task of Juda was, that is why he was instructed personally by Jesus (Issa AS).

Jesus (Issa AS) said to him (Juda) that you'll suffer a great grief. This is what the grief was, christian people still accuse him of selling Issa AS to the enemy for just 5 pennies.

If you don't read the Gospel of Juda now, the authorities might ammend it a bit to keep it conforming to the present religion. Because of the fact that christians' fathers are not brave enough to face the fact that they are wrong at many places.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fall of Hitler

I'm working on my forum ( at the moment. just uploading some videos of Nicolette bird.

There are some problems in my forum that I'm unable to cure. One of them is that I doesn't always display my ads. I've put an ad rotator but sometimes it fails or is failed. But ads are something that make or lose me something if they display or don't. There are spammers in my forum which I don't know how to handle.

Today on National Geographic, I was watching the fall of Hitler. It wasn't really about the fall of Hitler but about the victims of Hitler mainly. Look, when there is a war, people die. That's a fact, and that doesn't make someone criminal. As we have seen in Afghanistan and Iraq, a lot of civilians have died for no reason by the Americans, how are Americans justified when Hitler is not? This is something I don't understand.

Not only that people of America and Europe are affected with the propaganda but also of the third world countries. No one knows the truth. All they know is what they are told.

Well this propaganda is going everywhere. Not just in America or Europe. It is everywhere. I've read a lot of propaganda in my Pakistan Studies book myself. The propaganda which is in favor of the current government. :D

The thing I hate the most is that people don't even let the fries (children) grow out of this propaganda. For example, Children are told "Hitler was bad guy" "Hitler was a criminal" "Hitler the greatest Villain" and children accept. They don't know why Hitler was bad or criminal or a villian. That's what the children grow with and take with them all their life.

Take Hitler for example, He wasn't the criminal alone in his time. If you take a closer look at "The East India Company" you'll notice that England was a criminal too. The war between Hitler and England (in which later on involved America and Russia) is the war between two criminals. I bet, if Hitler would have won the war, he'd be the hero and England and America would've been called criminals in the present age. Hitler is the culprit because he lost.