Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm not posting these days because I've a lot of problems. Actually, we have a lot of problems here in Pakistan. The government has turned into a dictator and everybody seems to bow before them. We have lost good politics from our country and the top politicians are the worst people of the country. It seems like ALLAH is punishing us for something, a crime that we all commit and don't realize... I pray to ALLAH to save us please you pray too!

Pakistan is now on the edge of it's destruction but still people of Pakistan don't realize the real problems. They are still cursing Gen. Pervez Musharraf for all the bad that is happening but in reality, Gen. Musharraf's time was the best in the history of Pakistan. I just don't know how people of Pakistan still curse him as they are slapped on their faces everyday by the current government. The situation is very very depressing here.

What I've come to know is that the people who curse Musharraf are those who are already criminals and had no chance to commit crime in his regime. For example, the police were afraid to bribe anyone. Everyone was accountable by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and the current govt. has dissolved NAB and now there is no one to account anyone. The bribing, the killing, thievery, etc. etc. are all on their height. And people say, if convicts like Asif Ali Zardari can get out of jail without any trial and even become the president of Pakistan, then why not us???... So, people are killing eachother and Pakistan is no less than a Jungle with lots of flesh-eating animals.

Two days ago, I was at a crime scene where a man shot a bullet and I think he shot at the traffic police constable who was trying to stop him/them. I had no time to look at that time because I was with my wife and both or ours life was at stake... I just don't know where this government is taking us and I pity the people of Pakistan who still talk about these 'so called' democratic leaders. I hope ALLAH take some decision about them soon InshaALLAH


CooL MuslimaH said...

Do not despair..Allah tests his followers..just do dua
-strive to make yourself a perfect muslim then your family and then the community...

MAy Allah grant peace to Pakistan and all muslims around the world

~Cool Muslimah~

Aurangzeb said...


Jamaican Hijabi said...

May Allah make it easy for you and your fellow citizens of Pakistan Ameen!

Samimaneh said...


Just read your post, one of the mistakes which Pakistan made was that Pakistani leaders let USA and other countries like Saudi rule their state ,Saudi sponsors militias in the name of spreading Islam and then USA train them into being terrorist in order to be able to enter Pakistan easier , pakistanies's mistakes too they fall into their trap killing each others, for example Pakistani government never responded properly to what was happening in Swat since years ago they let feudals kill and oppress Swat shias and there shias found an excuse to retaliate, this is just small example of pakistan mistake,this mistake gave an opportunity to US to take over Pakistan and the list of mistakes goes on,

may Allah help Pakistanis to learn from their mistakes and solve the problems ameen

Anonymous said...

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Aurangzeb said...

Thanks for your comment Anonymous! :)

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