Sunday, August 2, 2009

Is Democracy Islamic?

So, I was thinking about if democracy is really Islamic. And I came to know that it is not and it is clearly stated in the History.

RasooluLLAH (Sal-ALLAH-o-Alaih-e-wa-Sallam) was very ill, so ill that He (P.B.U.H) couldn't lead the Ishaa prayer. So, He (P.B.U.H) ordered Sahabah (R.A) to ask Abu-Bakr(R.A) to do the Imamat.

Sahabah couldn't find Hazrat Abu-Bakr (R.A) so they asked Hazrat Umr (R.A) and said their prayers after him (R.A).

When RasooluLLAH (Sal-ALLAH-o-Alaih-e-wa-Sallam) learnt that Hazrat Umr (R.A) has lead the prayer. He ordered Sahabah (R.A) to say their Ishaa prayer again and after Abu-Bakr (R.A) (In imamat of Abu-Bakr (R.A)). So Sahabah said that Ishaa prayer again and now in the Imamat of Hazrat Abu-Bakr (R.A).

When we look closely, this way, RasooluLLAH (Sal-ALLAH-o-Alaih-e-wa-Sallam) had not only informed us about His (P.B.U.H) khalifah but also negated democracy. (i.e. he refused to the majority of people and kept His (P.B.U.H) order).

So, from this we learn that Democracy is discouraged in Islam. ALLAH knows better. May ALLAH show us and keep us on the right path. A'meen!


CooL MuslimaH said...

Assalamualaikum JazkaAllah khair...shukriya bohot bohot..

hadn't u informed me that comments aren't being able to b published ON MY BLOG i would never have known..Thank you soo much..

I have changed my settings..

~Cool Muslimah~ said...

I'm very sure that the democratic system is shirk and that we shouldn't take part or elect ourselves to be part of it to promote the system, rather I read a fatwa that its fine to take part in it so that we could forbid evil and invite to righteousness. There's been a lot of debates going on concerning this issue and I'm supposed to be at the age of voting in my country. I'm still trying to look for which is the best opinion to follow about voting.