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I had been watching a program on TV in which a teacher was trying to prove Mairaaj scientifically. According to him, the theory of relativity proves the Miracle of Mairaj. A bunch of beard-ful people were listening to him with a very keen interest. But to me, there is a huge misconception about the theory of relativity in the world mostly because of the scientists who aren't interested in the knowledge but their own pockets which aren't going to be filled-up if the don't create a misconception about this theory.

What they get when the confuse people about the theory of relativity?
1. An R&D finance for creating time-machine (which is totally mythical and has nothing to do with the reality I've written about this concept in my article here).

2. For scientists who believe in Mairaaj, they have a way to prove Mairaj in terms of Science just to prove how powerful science is and how powerful they are (that they know how ALLAH took Mohammad (Sal-ALLAH-o-alaih-e-Wa'SALLAM) to heavens).

There are other unlisted benefits that they get by confusing people. A huge number of projects are assigned by the governments to the scientists to do research on E=mc^2 so, actually this concepts earns scientists a lot of money.

So, In this post, I want to talk about the Miracle of Mairaj and the Theory of Relativity and E=mc^2, how they are and aren't related.

The Theory of Relativity
   So, the theory of relativity is actually the theory of relativity of time. Einstein says that the time is relative and there is no absolute time.

This is a topic of advanced physics by the way, but if you look at it closely, you'll learn that the things Einstein has said are quite natural and easily understandable.

How there is no absolute time? Isn't it stupid to say that there is no absolute time? For example, Pakistan Standard Time is GMT+5 hours, USA time might be GMT-5 hours or GMT -6 hours. So, isn't it absolute? But this isn't what absolute time means.

Let me tell you the problems the scientists face when the communicate with satellites.

When a transmitter transmits a radiation towards a satellite telling it that it's 0500.00 hours that transmission takes about (say) 0.15 seconds to reach the satellite. So, when the satelitte receives the transmission, the time becomes 0500.15 hours. The processor of satellite sets the time of the internal clock in (say) .001 seconds. So, when the internal clock of the satellite is set to 0500.00 hours, the real time according to the transmission station becomes 0500.151 seconds which isn't 0500 absolute. So, now If that satellite sends us a message that Osama Bin Laden is at point 90d25m35s E, 34d20m40s N then it means that the information is 0.302 seconds old. i.e. Osama bin Laden was at the given point 0.302 seconds ago. Now, he can be anywhere depending on his speed and direction. But in all this process, you set the time of the satellite at exactly 0500 hours. So, if you received the information about Osama at 0600.302 hours and you ask the satellite the time it sent you the information, the satellite will say that I (satellite) sent you the information at exactly 0600 hours (which is wrong according to you).

So, these are the problems that a human being can-not overcome using science. This is the limit of a human-being and science that you and any other scientist can't say "This is exact". So, Einstein says, "The time is relative". And this theory is called The Theory of Relativity.

There are other examples of this theory for whom you can read my other article whose link I have already given above.

And by the way, this error (time error) is erroneously taken as time-travel by the scientists. As you see, the satellite sent the information at exactly 0600 hours and it was received 0.302 seconds late. Likewise, if a satellite comes nearer to the station, then you might send an information to the satellite at exactly 0700 hours and it will be received at the satellite 0.151 (or say 0.141) seconds before 0700 hours. But this doesn't mean that your information has time travelled in backward direction. It simply means that there is a difference between the clocks of the satellite and the earth-station. And it simply means that having an absolute time is impossible for science.

Now let's come to E=mc^2. In english it means that Energy is a product of mass and square of the speed of light. So, this is another thing that scientists are either confused of themselves or they cunningly confuse others.

Let me change it a little bit.
E = mc^2 is equal to
E/m = c^2

This equation is quite simple and it says that, if we want to make an object of mass 'm' move with speed of light then we need energy equal to 'E'.

For example if we want to move a grain of sand of 1 gram with speed of light (which is 299,792,458 m/s or simple 3e+8 m/s), then we need 89875517873681764 joules of energy or 9x10^16 or 9e+16 joules of energy. Actually, this amount of energy is unachieveable to move just 1 gram object.

Now, as RasooluLLAH (Sal-ALLAH-o-alaih-e-Wa'SALLAM) was raised to heaven with his physical body. Let's see if he moved with the speed of light then how much energy is required.

Let's say His (Sal-ALLAH-o-alaih-e-Wa'SALLAM) weight was 70 kgs (70,000 grams). Then, substitute m with 70,000 and c with 299792458 we get E = 6291286251157723480000 joules which is equal to 6.3x10^21 or 6.3e+21 joules. And as ALLAH is almighty he can provide Him (Sal-ALLAH-o-alaih-e-Wa'SALLAM) with this much energy no doubt. But let's see if this much energy will work.

You see, if we go to the sun (which is the nearest star), it takes us 8 seconds to reach provided we move with the speed of light. Now, we know that there are seven skies and we are on the first.

Now if we see, the second nearest star which is alpha-centauri is 4.365 ± 0.007 light years away from the earth. Which means that it will take us 4.365 years approximately to reach Alpha-Centauri provided we move with speed of light. So, this is what we can do. We need more than four years just to reach the nearest star. Now do you think that RasooluLLAH (Sal-ALLAH-o-alaih-e-Wa'SALLAM) would have reached heavens if he had moved with the speed of light? The answer is big NO.

We must understand that science is very limited. We should not try to grab the miracles of ALLAH Almighty with science. We can not define a miracle with science. We only need to believe.

Take the Miracle that ALLAH Almighty gave to Musa (Alaih-e-As-SALAM) that his hand would glow and his stick would turn into a cobra. Can science define this miracle? If science can't define a miracle by Musa (Alaih-e-As-SALAM) then how the scientists think that they can prove Mairaaj with science? (which is much more bigger miracle than those two miracles given by ALLAH to Musa (Alaih-e-As-SALAM) ).

(I'm definitely not underestimating Musa's (Alaih-e-As-SALAM) Miracle)

As a good scientist and a human being we should not try to take over Islam. Trying to prove a miracle with science is like taking over a miracle. Which is simply not possible. As far as my knowledge, Miracles are not meant to be taken over by an ordinary human brain.

RasooluLLAH (Sal-ALLAH-o-alaih-e-Wa'SALLAM) says, "Don't try to conquer Islam because if one tries to take over Islam, Islam conquers him" (Sahih-Bukhari)

Please help me make it a perfect document, so good criticism would be happily accepted InshaALLAH.


mmfiore said...

Here is the theory beyond the Theory of Relativity.
We are a group that is challenging the current paradigm in physics which is Quantum Mechanics and String Theory. There is a new Theory of Everything Breakthrough. It exposes the flaws in both Quantum Theory and String Theory. Please Help us set the physics community back on the right course and prove that Einstein was right! Visit our site The Theory of Super Relativity: Super Relativity

Aurangzeb said...

Thanks for the link.

CooL MuslimaH said...


whoa! so much science ...just didnt dare read it..yeah i dont understand all this stuff!!

Anyway i beleieve in ALL miracles of ISlam and give a damn to all scientists of the world..

And u know there were mashAllah LOOOOOOOOOts of paksitanis in umrah mashAllah...

~Cool Muslimah~ said...

Omg so many words! :O

Aurangzeb said...

CoolMuslimah! Wa'alaikum-uS-SALAM!
Science doesn't only tell us about our powers. It also tells us about our weaknesses.

Ferrow (Fir'on) and a lot of stupid people called themselves god because they weren't scientists and thought that they are the most powerful creatures on earth. It is through science that we know our limitations. So, science isn't a bad subject. Ofcourse Islam is much more advanced that science. But we should know that we don't know it yet (that islam is more advanced that science) that's why a lot of stupid muslims think that stoning a man to death is more than enough a punishment.

Adib! I had been planning this post for over a month. What do you expect? :)

Aurangzeb said...

Thanks for your input Anonymous! :)