Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ALLAH Save Us from zardari and it's PPP

So, these days, everybody who lives and enjoys living in Pakistan has become an enemy of Pakistan - from political leaders to Army and even the judiciary.

What happens when all the enemies of a country unite and they have the uppermost posts of the country? The answer is simple, it collapses if ALLAH doesn't save it. The only one who can save us and our country from a colapse now is ALLAH and no-one else.

Pakistan is the most powerful Muslim country in the world. And the other is Iran. Pakistan is economically destroyed by it's own people, it's own politicians and USA is now after Iran for no reason at all. Neither America arrested Osama Bin Laden, neither it could reproduce any weapons of mass destruction and I know it's not going for any peace after Iran and/or Pakistan. The only reason USAmerica wants Pakistan to callapse is because it'll make it easy for it to invade Iran. So, the plan is working, and Pakistan is at the edge now.

ALLAH! we're sinners no doubt, but we're your people. ALLAH please save us, you've saved us before, always, and Only YOU can save us now! A'meen!


CooL MuslimaH said...

InshAllah pakistan WOULD be many people do dua for it...InshAllah the day of peace will soon come...

~Cool Muslimah~

Samimaneh said...

Do you really think the US will invade Iran?

I don't think so, I strongly believe every country;s destiny is in hands of its own people, so how pakistanies let puppets come to the power is a big question!
Osama bin laden is a tool in USA's hand, and they will never get him, they created him with Saudi money and Pakistani support,

but wholeheartedly I pray for Pakistan and my Pakistani brothers and sisters ,