Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No Shoes

I was reading a post on SirAdib's Journal titled I'm such a cheapskate and a story came in my mind which I had read from a book of Shaikh Saadi (RahmatuLLAH Alaih).

Once a Dervish was going to a mosque for his prayers (Asr prayers may be) and he had no shoes on either of his feet. He was miserable walking with his bare feet. He complained to ALLAH that "Oh ALLAH you have unlimited resources, you can do whatever you want and I am your servant and you didn't give me just a pair of shoes?"

Anyways, he walked however he could and reached the mosque. When he reached there, he saw a person who was already there waiting for the prayers. He had no feet at all.

The Dervish realized how unjust his complaining was. He bowed in sajda ask forgiveness and thanked ALLAH for his gifts.

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Adib said...

This is such a wonderful reminder. JazakAllah khair. :)