Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's been many days... look like that... since I posted on my blog.

It's going to be fajr time soon InshaALLAH as it's about 3:32 am in the morning. I'm working on my computer as these are the only hours I've got. In the morning there is a lot of loadshedding because of which I can't pay attention.


CooL MuslimaH said...

Assalamaulaikum bro i've updated my blog..check it out..

And yeah fajr time is the best..or in fact the time befor fajr..i too posted on my blog at the dead of night..
~Cool Muslimah

Umm Omar said...

That time of day is the best, really. My mind is the clearest then. btw, what is loadshedding?

Aurangzeb said...

in slang we call electricity loadshedding as loadshedding. The turn off our juice to light-up someone else's house. There is a lack of electricity here in Pakistan these days because of less rainfall.

Asmi's Journal said...

Assalam Alaikom,
Whoa, 3.32am - I'd be deep asleep Lol.
Btw, about the comment you left me on my blog, thanks. How to I revert back to my original URL? Is it possible?

Jazak Allah Khair

Aurangzeb said...

yup... tell me your email address through which you login to blogger!