Sunday, June 7, 2009

Changed my blog's logo today but I'm not so impressed with my work. Though it was the best I could do in 15 minutes (it's about ideas).

Added a new blog to my favourites. That's CoolMuslimah's blog. Hope she lives in Pakistan. Never met some good blogger from Pakistan (if she's not from Pakistan).

It's about fajr time and people here are quite asleep. Sun is about to rise.


Asmi's Journal said...

The new logo looks nice - for 15 mins, wow.

CooL MuslimaH said...

Assalamualaikum brother..

I know i'll sound childish..

Well I logged on to ur blog in the morn but i didn't read the new post..then just now again logged and as i read i saw my name...yippeee...i was sooo happy..and bhai sahab sad to dash your hopes I am not a paki..hehehe ..But your neighbour..So not a lot of difference.

And no offence but i was surprised that you being a pakistani had good english MAshAllah...

And i have loooooots of cuzins in pak.mashAllah...

keep up ur good work..

~Cool Muslimah~

Aurangzeb said...

Asmi! Thanks for the compliment, JazakALLAH! Actually I had to write "Throne of Solomon" with it so that general audience could understand the meaning of "Takht-e-Sulaiman" but I couldn't.

CoolMuslimah! JazakALLAH for the comment! You're right, the only one good in english other than me is Pervez Musharraf :P LOL! But, please don't think all others are Inzamam-ul-HAQ!

CooL MuslimaH said...

Inzimam is a good man (in my opinion)...and its not bad if we cant speak or write goood english coz its not our native tongue..isn't it?

But what's most painful is when people are not able to read or write or even speak good urdu..aargH!! its very sad!

Aurangzeb said...

Inzimam is a good man MashaALLAH! He's just not good in English probably because of little education which is a common problem here in Pakistan. Ill-literacy!

Wasay by the way! I hate good urdu! :P See "G mai ne aap se guzarish ke the ke zara apna qalam hamai inayat farma dejiye agar saath roshna'ee bhi mil ja'ay to bohot meherbani hogi" LOL!

Aurangzeb said...

CoolMuslimah! If you've watched the movie Dhamaal (of sunjay dutt, warsi etc. etc.) you might remember the man in the control tower who was instructing them the way to land the plane. He is an example of good urdu!!! :D :D :D Hey don't take it seriously about Urdu ok! Just kidding! Urdu is my native language too! :)