Tuesday, June 9, 2009

As I woke-up today I found that the room-air-cooler is empty of water so I turn-on the tap and forgot!!! Soon everything in my room was swimming in water and now my wife is furious at me.

Yesternight my wife read a blog-post written by Umm Omar about sexual abuse and then I saw her face expressions suddenly turned sorrowful. I asked what has happened? And she actually started crying. I asked, "why are you crying?" as I was quite alarmed that she rarely cries. And she asked me, "what do they get from doing this? girls are so innocent, do they not fear ALLAH?" I had no answer to this question.

How I was saved from all this is a good question. I credit my father for this and the father of my father of course (May ALLAH keep him in peace, A'meen). When I was a kid, no more than 7 I think, My grandfather presented me with a book named "Hudood-o-Ta'zeerat" which is written by an Ex Chief Justice of Pakistan I have discussed it briefly in Islamic Books I Read. That book told me everything about right and wrong. What is done, what can be done and what are the punishment for those doings according to Islam. So, as the punishment to such crimes is mostly death, it kept me aware that how big such a crime is in Islam and that kept me from doing and letting others do such a thing infront of me.

In one case I was overpowered by such a criminal but suddenly Dad arrived and I was saved. He took me home, scolded me and insulted me as much as he could. But it didn't matter to me and I was happy with him that he saved me from a lot of trouble.

I thought for a good topic for this post but then I realized that it is good left without a topic because those who should read will read it InshaALLAH and those who should not will not find any attraction in it without a topic.


SirAdib.com said...

Yeah it's pretty sad that it happens. I can't really imagine how it would feel like.

CooL MuslimaH said...

Yeah those who had to read it have read it...