Friday, May 29, 2009

So, it's been a new day and I was waken up by the curtains. They were tenderly whipping me again and again saying Wake-up you idiot, well may be the curtain doesn't think I'm idiot but I'm unable to interpret!!! So, I'm awake now.

So, last night the gas (LPG) cylinder was empty and the only option we had to cook on the wood. (My wife is talking on and on and on to me from behind, and, oh, now, she thinks I'm not listening to her...) So we burned a door!!! Hope you wont mind me burning a door to cook my meal as meal is quite an important thing in our lives and Hazrat Ali Hajveri (RahmatuLLAH Alaih) said, "there is a 6th pillar of Islam and that is food". So we need, desperately, need to respect our food. I hope this blog-post by Umm Omar would be very helpful InshaALLAH, it's not about food but about Rizq in general.


Umm Omar said...

Yikes! Hope no one got hurt and that you still ended up with a decent meal!

Aurangzeb said...

yup we had. The door's meal was even tastier! LOL!