Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kalimah Tayyabah - A Pillar of Islam

So, it's been long since I wrote anything on my blog. Well I had been to my wife's mother's to whom I go often. Yesterday I came back at about lunch time. So, then I slept as I was very tired.

In the last post I did a mistake of writing that Kalimah Tayyabah is the base of Islam and not the pillar. Well, this way I was triggering a controversy which I, myself don't like at all. We, know that Islam starts from Kalimah Tayyabah, i.e. A muslim becomes a muslim when he say these 24 letters of Kalimah Tayyabah. But it is still a pillar of Islam. The base of Islam, if we take a closer look, is ALLAH himself. Sorry if you don't like this argument. But this is true. As ALLAH says in Qur'an:

No doubt the only religion, in view of ALLAH, is Islam.

So, it is ALLAH who accepts our right deeds or punish us on our wrong deeds. It's wholely solely upto ALLAH whether he accepts our right deeds or not. It is the authority of ALLAH whether he accepts us or rejects us. If he wills he can reject us no matter how sincere we are. If he wills he can accept us no matter how disloyal or insincere we are.

This is why, Kalimah Tayyabah is considered a pillar of Islam. ALLAH knows better.

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Umm Omar said...

Thank you for the reminder, brother.