Saturday, May 2, 2009

From about two days I'm stuck with a computer game "Age of Empire", I'm sort of in love with this game and my wife is really angry at me for this :D So, to forget her anger she is planning to visit her friend. It's the same friend who made her so desperate to go to her mothers'. Well! let's see what happens today. May ALLAH save us from all harms. A'meen!

I'm on my computer table which is quite dirty now and neither me nor Rahat paid attention to clean it. I seldom do this sort of a job and expect Rahat to do this. But she is a bit busy today in laundry work. Hope to have my table clean soon.

It's hot weather these days. Hot and Dry (Fire). It seems that our sins have created so much fuel for hell. (ALLAH forbid)!

Today I added Asmi's blog to my favourites which I should have done long ago but... never paid attention.

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