Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beware of Logic

I found an ad that said "proof of God" when I opened that website, it was rather philosophical discussion and it reminded me of what happened to the philosophers of the past.

In history, I've read about many philosophers, but only two of them are those who died with faith in ALLAH. All others had quite deformed their faith in one or the other way. The people who died a good death with faith in ALLAH are:

1. Fakhr-ud-Din Razi (also known as Maulana Fakhr-ud-Din Razi if I'm not mistaken) and
2. Allama Mohammad Iqbal (one of the most important men in History of Pakistan)

If you've heard about Farabi (his full name was Abul Hassan Farabi if I'm not mistaken) he messed up his faith and was lost. He died with his distorted faith.

According to Farabi, there are two types beings in the universe.
1. Necessary Being
2. Creatures

Human beings, birds, lions, tigers etc are all creatures. But (NauzubILLAH) ALLAH and this universe is a necessary being. According to Farabi, the life of the universe is endless (with no start and end) while creatures come and go and creatures are made up of the necessary being that is the universe.

What is the truth?
ALLAH has created everything even the universe. It is only ALLAH who has endless life. He was always there and is there and will remain. The universe is a creature itself. It started from a specific time and it will end when ALLAH wills. But Farabi sorf of neglected it.

Another man who was a philosopher was Ghulam Ahmed Qadyani. He claimed himself to be a prophet and started his self-built religion (which is not islam at all).

One other that I'd like to mention is Ghulam Ahmed Pervez. I don't know if you know him or not. He refused to accept Hadith as true. According to him, Only Qur'an is the truth and he reject the Hadith altogether. Thus he has distorted his and his followers religion.

One more that I've recently remembered is the son of Allama Iqbal named Javaid Iqbal. He says that Whiskey isn't Haraam.

So all of the philosophers that I've mentioned above have distorted their religion with their philosophy.

It is a history how Maulana Fakhr-ud-Din Razi's faith was saved. Let me elaborate.

Maulana Fakhr-ud-Din Razi, being a philosopher, had collected 60 evidences of ALLAH. Total that exist on this earth are about 109 or something (we might have none of them at all). But Maulana were very upset that I might fail at last in proving ALLAH against the devil when my life is about to end. So, he talked about this with his teacher (Shaikh). His Shaikh (Teacher) relieved him and said InshaALLAH you'll be fine.

So, when Maulana Fakhr-ud-Din Razi was on his death-bed, Devil came to him, Maulana started to remind himself with the proofs that he had saved for his last time. But the devil rejected all of them one by one and argued with him. Fakhr-ud-Din Razi had failed in his attempt. His teacher knew what was happening, So, his teacher said to him, "Fakhr-ud-Din, why don't you say I believe in ALLAH without any proof!". Fakhr-ud-Din said this and the Devil vanished. So he died with his faith alive in ALLAH.

I just want to say that Logic is good. But it's not reliable. Nothing is reliabe except ALLAH. So, we should have knowledge, we should use logic as a tool against evil, but rely only on ALLAH.

If you remember, Devil (Iblees) used logic too when he said to ALLAH that Adam is made of clay and I'm made of fire so I'm better than him etc. etc. And his logic took him to hell. Hope it be helpful.

2 comments: said...

This is a VERY interesting post. Something we should really look into. JazakAllah for sharing.

Aurangzeb said...

Thank you so much SirAdib. Some people even insulted me saying that it seems like a joke (beware of logic). Because people are so in to it and sort of worship philosophy and logic see. But if you ask me, aristotle and plato (no offense) all did their thinking on the bed. Muslim scientists beated them (for example, Abul-Haitham researched that light enters eye and makes a shadow inside, whereas this was aristotle's logic that some sort of light comes out of the eye and that when hits the target make it visible) with their research and not bed-time logic. This sort of thinking (like aristotle and plato) isn't the Muslim's way.

In short Muslims do not assume. Muslims observe.