Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well! I've lost a lot of time in changing this blogger's template. Now I think I need to change and face my wash... I mean... wash my face. It's about 9:04 pm and according to Mr. Asif Ali Zardari it's 10:04 pm. The water is gone and now we have to rely on the water tanky which is situated on the rooftop. Happy that my dear wife has already filled it in time AlhamduLILLAH.

Yesterday I'd been reading something about Mr. Zakir Naik. Mr. Zakir is an icon in the field of debate from Muslims. ALLAH has given him a good memory and good debate skills. I mostly see him on Peace T.V. I personally like Maulana Asraar Ahmad who is a Pakistani. He is an icon, a good Aalim-e-Deen (Man of Letters) and a good man. But from his face, he look a little angry :). Anyway, whatever he looks like, he's just a great man MashaALLAH. ALLAH keep him safe. Aameen.

Today I was thinking that The Qur'an is the only correct book in the whole world. Nothing else is near to that correct. Take Sahih Bukhari for example, the second most authentic book in the entire world, But Hazrat Isma'il Bukhari used to say himself that I have learned 300,000 Ahadith out of which 200,000 aren't authentic while 100,000 are authentic and correct. On the other hand, The Great Qur'an, MashaALLAH, AlhamduLILLAH, is correct and authentic from start to the beginning. ALLAH has saved each and every word of it for us through these many years (more that 1400 years) in which everything else has changed. Many countries made and destroyed, many people came, reached their old age and died. The people who never took bath began to take bath every day. everything changed to 180 degrees except the quran which didn't changed even a single mark. ALLAH is right. He said, "Of course I am the one who sent the quran and I am the guardian for it." sorry if I did some mistake in translating. But I don't have a great collection of words.

ALLAH show us the right path and keep us firm on it. A'meen!

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